The Little Prince (Chinese Edition)

Few tales are as generally learn and as universally loved by way of teenagers and adults alike because the Little Prince. The Little Prince is a poetic and hot fairy story which has been translated into over a hundred languages and with a revenues quantity basically subsequent to the Bible. It tells my come upon with a wierd yet pure-hearted little prince who comes from a distant asteroid and has visited six asteroids inhabited through a king, a useless guy, a drunkard, a service provider and a geographer, respectively. during the trips of the little prince, the writer insinuates the absurdity and hypocrisy of the grownup international with a plot with twists and turns and poetic and philosophical language.

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You need to be happy... "  “一直以来我都太傻了。”最后她对他说。“我请求你的原谅。你一定要幸福……” He was once shocked by way of this absence of reproaches. He stood there all bewildered, the glass globe held arrested in mid-air. He didn't comprehend this quiet sweetness. 他很惊讶,她没有责备他。他站在那里,手里举着那个玻璃罩,完全不知所措。他不清楚她怎么会这么安静而温柔。 "Of direction i like you," the flower acknowledged to him. "It is my fault that you've no longer recognized all of it the whereas. that's of no significance. yet you—you were simply as silly as I. you need to be happy... enable the glass globe be. i do not wish it to any extent further. "  “我当然爱你。”花儿对他说道。“都是我不好,你一直都被蒙在鼓里。那不重要。可是你——你和我一样傻。试着快乐起来吧……不要管这个玻璃罩子了。我不再需要它了。” "But the wind—”  “可是风——” "My chilly isn't really so undesirable as all that... the cool evening air will do me sturdy. i'm a flower. "  “我的感冒没那么严重,不像以前……晚上的凉空气对我有好处。我是一株花嘛。” "But the animals—”  “可是那些动物——” "Well, i need to undergo the presence of 2 or 3 caterpillars if I desire to develop into familiar with the butterflies. it appears they're very appealing. And if no longer the butterflies—and the caterpillars—who will name upon me? you may be a ways away... as for the massive animals—I am under no circumstances frightened of any of them. i've got my claws. ”  “哦,如果我想要结识蝴蝶的话,我就必须得忍受两三只毛毛虫爬在我的身上。蝴蝶好像很漂亮。如果没有蝴蝶,没有毛毛虫,还会有谁来看我呢?你会在很远很远的地方……至于那些大动物——我一点也不怕他们。我有我自己的爪子。” And, naively, she confirmed her 4 thorns. Then she added:  她很天真地展示了她的四根刺。然后又接着说: "Don't linger like this. you've gotten made up our minds to leave. Now pass! "  “不要再这样磨蹭下去了。你已经下决心离开了。现在就走吧!” For she didn't want him to work out her crying. She used to be any such proud flower... 她是不想让小王子看到她在哭。她是这样一朵骄傲的花…… bankruptcy 10   第十章   —the little prince visits the king  ——小王子拜见国王 He came upon himself locally of the asteroids 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, and 330. He begun, hence, by way of vacationing them, to be able to upload to his wisdom. 他发现自己在小行星325、326、327、328、329和330附近。因此,他开始访问这些星球,以增长见识。 the 1st of them was once inhabited by means of a king. Clad in royal red and ermine, he was once seated upon a throne which was once even as either basic and majestic. 其中,第一个星球上住着一位国王。他身着皇家紫袍和貂皮大衣,坐在简单却庄严的宝座上。 "Ah! here's a subject," exclaimed the king, while he observed the little prince coming. “啊!一个臣民来了。”看到小王子来了,国王高声喊道。 And the little prince requested himself:  小王子自问道: "How may perhaps he realize me while he had by no means obvious me sooner than? "  “他以前从未见过我,怎么能认出我来呢?” He didn't know the way the realm is simplified for kings. To them, all males are matters. 他不明白国王们是怎么简化这个世界的。对他们来说,所有人都是臣民。 "Approach, in order that i'll see you better," stated the king, who felt consumingly happy with being eventually a king over someone. “走近点,让我好好地看看你。”国王说道。他觉得特别骄傲,终于成为一个可以凌驾于他人之上的国王了。 The little prince appeared all over the place to discover a spot to sit; however the complete planet was once stuffed and obstructed via the king's remarkable ermine gown. So he remained status upright, and, because he used to be drained, he yawned. 小王子环顾四周,想找一个地方坐下来,但是整个星球都塞满了国王华丽的貂皮大衣。于是,他只好直挺挺地站着。因为他太累了,就打了个哈欠。 "It is opposite to etiquette to yawn within the presence of a king," the monarch stated to him. "I forbid you to take action. "  “在国王面前打哈欠是不合规矩的。”国王对他说道,“我禁止你这样做。” "I can not help it.

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