A Druid's Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants: Spagyrics in Magical and Sexual Rituals

By Jon G. Hughes

A pragmatic consultant to making plant extracts, essences, and complexes to be used in Druidic intercourse magic rituals

• Explores the id, harvesting, and magical homes of greater than 70 plant life and timber

• info the cautious and meticulous spagyric practise of plant extracts and complexes

• Demonstrates how plant compounds are utilized in Druidic intercourse magic rituals by means of either and teams

In this functional consultant to Druidic plant magic, Jon G. Hughes finds the mild alchemy of changing plant essences into powerful compounds for operating intercourse magic rituals. analyzing the id, harvesting, and magical homes of greater than 70 flora and timber, he info the cautious and meticulous spagyric guidance of plant extracts and complexes in addition to the method of acquiring or growing appropriate alcoholic spirits for the bottom of those arrangements. He contains directions to make all beneficial instruments and explores the way to organize your self to paintings with plant essences and correctly use the mystical compounds you create.

Hughes explains the best way to unlock the energies, therapeutic attributes, and magical capacities of vegetation and timber in the course of the respectful seduction of a plant’s advantage and the 3-step spagyric strategy of separation, purification, and reunification. He indicates how the spagyric approach maximizes the ability of the received essence in training for its use in magical ritual. Detailing Druidic intercourse rituals for either a pair and a gaggle, Hughes demonstrates how plant compounds are utilized in particular magical rituals and practices in addition to the function of the plant advanced in sexual efficiency. Exploring the underlying accord among alchemy and Druidic practices, Hughes presents a beneficial guide for somebody wishing to harness the mystical strength of plant power.

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Within the British Isles, it's most probably that the 1st intentionally synthetic alcoholic drink was once mead, with honey as its resource of fermentable sugar. using end result akin to apples and pears as uncooked fabrics for fermentation grew to become universal by way of the center a while. the traditional Celts could have fed on so much in their alcoholic beverages during the means of cutting—that is, diluting their wines with water with a purpose to make the contaminated water extra palatable. lots of those conventions are nonetheless inside our Druidic culture. you will find later that each one our fermentations are all started with a “ferment” referred to as apple needs to, produced through blending apples, honey, and yeast within the very same model as did the traditional Celts. one other culture that keeps is that of the brewing wand, a stick saved via the community’s Druid, who, through the applicable seasons, went from one domestic to a different to stir each one family’s brew in flip. Folklore tells us that using the Druid’s magic brewing wand all started the fermentation approach via a few kind of supernatural act. Druidic lore tells us that this brewing wand is saved break free different wands and is the one wand that's by no means cleansed or washed. it really is probably, then, that it harbored the reside yeast and transferred it to every successive brew because it used to be taken round the village—yet one other folks culture dependent in functional technology. FERMENTATION The time period fermentation describes the chemical alterations in natural elements produced through the motion of enzymes. extra usually this day, and definitely in our case, the time period refers back to the motion of particular enzymes, referred to as ferments, produced by way of minute organisms present in yeasts. within the context of the Druidic culture, crucial form of fermentation is alcoholic fermentation, within which the motion of the enzyme zymase, secreted via yeast, converts the easy sugars present in end result and berries into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. the precise technique utilized in the Druidic culture is defined in nice aspect right here, the place the focal point is at the fermentation recommendations essential to produce the alcohol bases wanted for our workings. DISTILLATION Distillation, in in simple terms technical phrases, could be outlined because the strategy of heating a liquid till its extra unstable materials cross right into a vaporous country after which cooling the vapor to come it to its liquid kingdom by way of condensation. If, for instance, we want to distill alcohol from a mix of water and alcohol, we warmth the aggregate to 173°F (78. 5°C), the boiling element of alcohol (as against 212°F [100°C], the boiling aspect of water). The alcohol turns to vapor, then travels to the condenser, the place it's cooled with a purpose to go back it to its liquid nation. therefore, the liquid water continues to be within the unique vessel, and the alcohol, having been evaporated and condensed, is amassed within the receiver vessel. although we regularly check with the complete distillation equipment as a nonetheless, technically this is applicable simply to the vessel within which drinks are boiled in the course of distillation, sooner than touring throughout the fractionating column, the condenser, and to the receiver within which the distillate is accumulated.

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