Atlas of the Moon

By Antonin Rukl

A best-seller that strains the historical past of the Moon, its floor, its foundation and evolution, and its exploration. contains a designated map of seventy six sections of the Moon's floor observable by means of telescope. Designed for either starting and skilled lunar observers. by way of Antonin Rukl. eight 1/4 x eleven; 224 pgs.; seventy five b&w photographs; a hundred ninety+ diagrams; hardcover. to be had to U.S. shoppers purely.

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Zero. Poczobut! , 1728-1810. Polish astronomer. (209 km) Rozhdestvenskiy [85. 8°N, 159. 1°WJ D. S. Rozhdestvenskiy, 1876-1940. Soviet physicist. (178 km) Ryni n [47. 0°N, 103. 5°W] N. A. Rynin, 1877-1942. Soviet rocket engineer. / (75 km) / Smoluchowski (60. 3°N, ninety six. 8°WJ M. Smoluchowski, 1872-1917. Polish physicist. (83 km) Zsigmondy [59. 7°N, 104. 7°W] R. A. Zsigmondy, 1865-1929. Austrian chemist. (65 km) Libration quarter II. NANSEN four North-northeastern zone Belkovich. See mop 7. Compton [56. 0°N, one zero five. 0°E) A. H. Compton, 1892-1962. American physicist. (162 km) Dugan (64. 2°N, 103. 3°E) R. S. Dugan, 1878-1940. American _ astronomer. (50 km) Fabry. See mop unwell. Nansen (81. 3°N, ninety five. 3°E] F. Nonsen, 1~61-1930. Norwegian explorer. (122 km) Plaskett [82. 3°N, 176°E] J. S. Ploskett, 1865-1941. Canodion five astronomer. [110 km) Schwarzschild [70. 6°N, 119. 6°E] ok. Schworzschild, 18731916. German astronomer. (235 km) Shi Shen (76. 0°N, 104. l zero E) Shi(h) Shen, c. three hundred BC. chinese language astronomer. (43 km) 6 1· 7 . ,, zero - eight sixteen l00° W 182 183 Libration quarter ailing. MARE MARGINIS East-northeastern zone forty five" N sixteen Al-Biruni [17. 9°N, ninety two. 5°E) Al-Biruni, 973-1 048. Pe rsian astronomer. (77 km) Babcock [4. 2°N, ninety three. nine °E) H. D. Babcock, 1 882- 1968. American astronomer. (99 km) Dreyer [10. 0°N, ninety six. 9°E) J. L. E. Dreyer, 1852- 1926. British astronomer. (61 km) Dziewulski [2 1. 2°N, ninety eight. 9°E) W. Dziewulski, 1878-1962. Polish astronomer. (63 km) Edison [25. 0°N, ninety nine. l zero E] T. A. Edison, 1847-193 1. American inventor. (62 km) Erro [5. 7°N, ninety eight. 5°E) L. E. Erro, 1897- 1955. Mexican astronomer. (6 1 km) Fabry [43 . zero °N, 10 l. 2°E) Cha rles Fabry, 1 867- 1945. French physicist. ( 179 km) Fox [0 . 5°N, ninety eight. 2°E) P. Fox, 1878- 1944. American astronomer. (24 km) Ginzel [l four . 3°N, ninety seven. four °E) F. ok. Ginzel, 1850-1926. Austria n a stronomer. (55 km) Horkhebi [39. 9°N, ninety nine. 8°E) Horkhebi, c. three hundred BC. Egyptian a stronomer. (282 km) lbn Yunus [14. 1 °N, ninety one . 1 °E) lbn Yunus, c. 950-1009. Egyptia n astronomer. (58 km) Joliot [25. 6°N, ninety two. 7°E) F. Joliot-Curie, 1900-1 958. French physicist. (143 km) Lomonosov [27. 3°N, ninety eight. zero °E) M. V. Lomonosov, 1711 - 1756. Russia n scientist a nd encyclopedist. (92 km) Morginis, extra. See mop 27. Maxwell [30. 0°N, ninety eight. 6°E] J. C. Maxwell, 1831 - 1879. British physicist and mathematician. (11 five km) McAdie [2. 1 °N, ninety two. 1°E) A. G . McAd ie, 1863- 1943. American meteorologist. (45 km) Nunn [4. 6°N, nine 1. l zero E] J. Nun n, 1905-1968. American layout eng ineer. (19 km) Popov [17. 2°N, ninety nine. 7°E) (1) A. S. Popov, 1859-1905; Russian physicist. (2) C. Popov, 1880- 1966; Bulgaria n astronomer. (65 km) Richardson [31. l zero N, a hundred. 3°E) Sir zero . w. Richardson, 1879-1959. British physicist. (16 1 km) Smythii, Mare. See map 38. . Vashakidze [43. 6°N, ninety three. 3°E) M. A. Voshakidze, 1909- 1956. Soviet astronomer. (44 km) Vestine (33 . 9°N, ninety three . 9°E) E. H. Vestine, 1906- 1968. American physicist. (96 km) Zasyadko [3 . 9°N, ninety four. 2°E) A. D. Zosyodko, 1779- 1837. Russian rocket engineer. (1 1 km) 27 38 784 Li bration sector IV. CURIE East-southeastern area Austrole, extra. See mop seventy six. Brunner [9. nine °S, ninety. nine °E) W. zero . Brunner, 1878- 1958 . Swiss astronomer. (53 km) Curie [23.

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