Bootstrap Yourself with Linux-USB Stack: Design, Develop, Debug, and Validate Embedded USB Systems

By Rajaram Regupathy

Learn how to layout, boost, and validate USB structures very easily, utilizing this priceless source that offers an in depth bootstrap consultation at the Linux-USB layout and implementation. BOOTSTRAP your self WITH LINUX-USB STACK deals a journey of the Linux-USB stack, explaining the right way to improve drivers for USB gadget and host controllers on Linux. It strikes directly to discover the interfaces and knowledge constructions of a USB module with UML diagrams, concluding each one bankruptcy with a pattern implementation that applies the knowledge simply lined. A accomplished examine a few of the instruments and strategies on hand on Linux to validate a USB procedure can be supplied. utilizing a simple writing variety, this ebook is a strong instrument for an individual studying to enhance a protocol stack with right structure and layout, finally resulting in greater caliber, maintainability, and testability.

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C. The dummy HCD driving force sits on most sensible of the dummy platform motive force, and an HCD frequently sits on best of a driver-based interface and is interfaced with the platform. for instance, in a regular computing device setup, USB host controllers interface to the most processor utilizing Peripheral part Interconnect (PCI); therefore, the HCD sits on best of a PCI driving force. therefore, step one within the procedure is defining the struct platform_driver item, say dummy_hcd_driver, and initializing the platform motive force with the required callbacks. the second one step is to sign in the driving force with the kernel utilizing platform_driver_register within the platform init regimen. In a customary embedded setup, this platform motive force is accountable for integrating the HCD with the by means of grabbing crucial assets from the platform. static struct platform_driver dummy_hcd_driver = { . probe = dummy_hcd_probe, . get rid of = dummy_hcd_remove, . droop = dummy_hcd_suspend, . resume = dummy_hcd_resume, . motive force ={ . identify = (char *) driver_name, . proprietor = THIS_MODULE, 137 138 bankruptcy 10 n Host motive force for Embedded Controller }, }; The 3rd step within the procedure is to create an HCD motive force on a profitable platform driving force probe. different platform workouts reminiscent of droop or resume don't play an immediate function within the administration of the HCD yet are helpful for responding to platform requests. The probe invokes usb_create_hcd to create a struct usb_hcd item. The registers a struct hc_driver item dummy_hcd with callbacks to HCD. usb_create_hcd static int dummy_hcd_probe(struct platform_device *pdev) { —cut— hcd = usb_create_hcd(&dummy_hcd, &pdev->dev, dev_name(&pdev->dev)); if (! hcd) go back -ENOMEM; the_controller = hcd_to_dummy (hcd); retval = usb_add_hcd(hcd, zero, 0); —cut— go back retval; } The dummy_hcd registers the mandatory callbacks to make the HCD. The HCDI makes use of the callbacks to regulate the host controller. static const struct hc_driver dummy_hcd = { . description = (char *) driver_name, . product_desc = "Dummy host controller", . hcd_priv_size = sizeof(struct dummy), . flags = HCD_USB2, . commence = dummy_start, . cease = dummy_stop, . urb_enqueue = dummy_urb_enqueue, . urb_dequeue = dummy_urb_dequeue, . get_frame_number = dummy_h_get_frame, . hub_status_data = dummy_hub_status, . hub_control = dummy_hub_control, Sample Implementation of USB HCD . bus_suspend = . bus_resume = dummy_bus_suspend, dummy_bus_resume, }; A profitable probe creates a controller driving force and extra invokes the usb_add_hcd to initialize the HCD framework. The usb_add_hcd initializes the usb_hcd motive force and starts off the host controller by way of invoking the callback. you could consult with the dummy_hcd resource in drivers/usb/gadget/dummy_hcd. c to benefit the sensible implementation of the dummy host controller implementation. ordinarily, the HCD implementation follows one of many host controller necessities applied in drivers/usb/host/ehci-hcd. c, drivers/usb/host/ drivers/usb/host/uhci-hcd. c, drivers/usb/host/uhci-hub. c, ehci-hub. c, drivers/usb/host/ohci-hcd. c, or drivers/usb/host/ohci-hub.

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