Check Your English Vocabulary for TOEFL: All you need to pass your exams (Check Your Vocabulary)

By Rawdon Wyatt

Check Your English Vocabulary for TOEFL by way of Rawdon Wyatt offers a source for college kids learning in the direction of the TOEFL® (Test of English as a overseas Language) examination, that's a demand for access for non-native audio system of English at over 6,000 universities in a hundred nations world wide.

It contains a variety of enjoyable actions to aid scholars construct and enhance their English vocabulary at TOEFL® point, and is appropriate for either self-study and school room use.

Check Your Vocabulary sequence: 'Ideal self-study aids for a person getting ready for those checks' - The Bookseller

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Shiny 19. tedious 20. spontaneous 21. problematic 22. valueless 23. negligible 24. possible 25. regular 26. not easy 27. delicate 28. man made solution key resolution key workout 2 activity 1 unacceptable misguided insufficient deprived unpleasant unattractive unauthorized unavoidable incredible doubtful uncomfortable incompetent incomplete subconscious discontented unconvincing unsuitable incurable asymmetric unfair retro cheating disinclined unlawful limitless illiterate illogical single immature immoral immortal disobedient disorganized impatient imperfect impersonal most unlikely flawed impure unqualified (disqualified is a verb this means that to make anyone unable to do whatever: “He used to be disqualified from using for a year”) irrational abnormal beside the point irreplaceable impossible to resist irresolute irresponsible unsatisfactory disenchanted inadequate unwelcome be aware that adjectives which finish with -ful are typically made into their contrary shape through altering -ful to -less (thoughtful = inconsiderate, invaluable = dead, and so on. ). necessary is one exception to this rule (the contrary is unhelpful. Helpless has a unique which means, and skill unable to do something) activity 2 1. D (= disinclined) insufficient) 2. B (= cheating) three. C (= inadequate) four. A (= irresponsible) five. C (= unconvincing) 6. A (= Phrasal verbs 1 (pages 36 – 37) workout 1 1. raise 2. stand up to three. name off four. anticipate five. meet up with nine. fell out 10. discover eleven. develop up 12. stay alongside of thirteen. leaves out up 17. fall in the back of 18. minimize on 6. die down 7. drop out of eight. work out 14. mentioned 15. investigate sixteen. introduced workout 2 1. taken over 2. recommend three. pull via four. performed away with five. check out 6. perform 7. went, saved, or carried on eight. put on off nine. occur 10. picked up eleven. convey 12. bumped into thirteen. set…back 14. glance again on 15. grew to become out sixteen. grew to become away 17. works out to 18. bring to an end Phrasal verbs 2 (pages 38 – 39) workout 1 1. get 2. glance or move three. get four. get or come five. glance 6. move 7. get glance thirteen. get 14. supply 15. got here sixteen. pass 17. get 18. move eight. went nine. glance workout 2 1. got here or went 2. provide three. move or glance four. get five. got here 6. get 7. supply eight. pass come 12. getting thirteen. comes 14. get 15. supply sixteen. glance 17. supply 18. obtained 10. glance eleven. got here 12. nine. come or move 10. got here eleven. Phrasal verbs three (pages forty – forty two) throughout: 1. placed down five. talk…around 6. take after 7. working up opposed to nine. end up 10. picked on eleven. decide out sixteen. grew to become up 19. trigger 20. run up 22. put aside (or set aside) 24. take to twenty-eight. take in 30. held up 32. engaged in 36. trigger 37. factoring in 38. working out 39. handing in Down: 1. set aside (set apart – see 22 throughout – has a similar that means, yet wouldn't paintings within the crossword grid) 2. take up three. upload as much as four. taken in 6. became down eight. publish with 12. taken aside thirteen. set…against 14. make out 15. made up 17. ran for 18. choose up 21. make up for 23. manage 25. kick in 26. stemmed from 27. pull out 29. close out of 31. lead to 33. long gone down with 34. holiday into 35. went for 117 Answer key resolution key Prefixes (pages forty three – forty four) workout 1 1. (k) 2. (i) three. (j) four. (e) five. (b) 6. (l) 7.

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