Cultural Architecture (1st Edition)

By Xiaofeng Zhu, Catherin Chang

During this publication, chinese language megastar architects/architectural layout agencies current their works accomplished on account that 2000. those structures are created with leading edge recommendations and detailed architectural languages for cultural occasions, corresponding to museums, artwork galleries, and memorials. they're the home windows created by means of chinese language best architects for the area to grasp chinese language tradition.

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Five 2 five 7 nine five nine 1 eight 10 five four 027 5 five. Architectural components in South China 6. nightfall view of external 7. front corridor of major construction eight. perspectives of the development workforce nine. The placing wall and point of view view of inside five. 江南建筑元素 6. 黄昏外景 7. 主馆入口门廊 eight. 建筑洞口对周边景物的截取 nine. 悬挂的四壁与透视的迂回折叠 part 028 剖面图 6 029 7 030 part 剖面图 8 nine 031 359TH BRIGADE ARAR cost MEMORIAL corridor AND PLAZA Arar, Xinjiang Chambron Pierre, Sanchez Luis / ARTE-Charpentier 三五九旅屯垦纪念馆和纪念广场 新疆 阿拉尔市 皮埃尔·向博荣,路易斯·桑切斯 / 夏邦杰建筑设计公司 Gross flooring zone: 10,000m2 Design/Completion Time: 2008-2009 / 2010 Architect: Chambron Pierre, Sanchez Luis / ARTE-Charpentier layout group: YAN Meng, solar Hongliang, FENG Yiqin Photographer: Chambron Pierre, ZHOU Wenyi 建筑面积:10000平方米 设计/建成时间:2005年/2009年 建筑设计:皮埃尔·向博荣,路易斯·桑切斯 / 夏邦杰建筑设计公司 设计团队:严萌,孙宏亮,冯一秦 摄影师:皮埃尔·向博荣,周雯怡 situated in Arar, a urban within the south of Xinjiang, at the riverside of Tarim River, the memorial corridor composes an city axis with town corridor, urban Park and the well known Tarim River. the unique plan was once to construct a memorial corridor, a memorial capsule and a urban plaza. After a variety of issues, the architects determined to place the 3 jointly, forming a gaggle of “urban sculptural architecture”, which either techniques a powerful visible surprise and is a useful public position. the muse comes from stately Mount Tianshan and the very important glaciers. The architects used emerging slanted shapes to shape a terraced pyramid, with water positive aspects surrounded, sybolizing glaciers and exuberant power. The plaza pavement and emerging roofs are either made from granite, as though they're emerging from the floor. the internal glass surfaces enclose a raised terrace as a brand new public plaza, from the place humans can put out of your mind the total park. the most areas can be found semi-underground, corresponding with the climate stipulations of enormous temperature adjustments and drought 032 desertification, reaching an energy-saving impact - cool in summer season and hot in iciness. The traditional gentle introduced in through the glass pyramids courses the general public to the underground area. viewers input the under-water area from the descending ramp and input the memorial corridor from north to south. at the different aspect is a emerging ramp resulting in the outside crucial plaza and the altitude distinction types an outside terraced theatre. within the wilderness, course performs a massive function; right here the trails between pyramids all result in the centre of the corridor. the positioning plan seems like a radiating very good megastar, guiding humans from varied instructions. within the panorama layout, the architects used linear water channel working throughout the park and drew time traces representing the previous, at the present time and the longer term. The memorial corridor witnesses the heritage, town corridor represents this present day, and the park dealing with Tarim River displays the long run. The city axis transgresses the distance time from north to south. The memorial corridor is peacefully mirrored within the surrounding ponds, sybolizing meditation on historical past. 1 033 2 纪念馆位于新疆南部塔里木河畔的阿拉尔市,与已建成的市政府大 楼、城市公园和著名的塔里木河共同构成城市的中轴线。最初的设想是建 设一座纪念馆、一座纪念碑和一个城市广场。经过多轮设计构思,最终建 筑师将这三者合为一体,成为了一组“城市雕塑建筑”,使之既具有强烈 的视觉震撼力,又是一处公共活动场所,同时又满足使用功能要求。 设计构思源自雄伟的天山和为万物带来生机的冰川。建筑师采用了升 起斜面的造型手法,形成错落有致的金字塔体量,周边以水景围绕,象征 了冰山和顽强的生命。广场铺地和渐渐升起的屋顶同为花岗岩石材,使建 筑本身犹如地面渐渐升起。内侧玻璃面围合出一个抬高的平台,是一个新 的公共活动广场,从这里人们可以眺望整个公园。 主要功能空间位于半地下,正好符合该地区温差极大、干旱沙化等气 候条件,达到天然的夏凉冬暖的节能效果。玻璃锥体带来的自然采光引导 着地下公共活动空间。参观者通过渐渐下降的坡道进入水面之下,从北向 南进入纪念馆。在其一侧另有一条逐渐上升的坡道,引导人们到室外的中 心广场,同时,在另一侧利用高差形成一个室外阶梯剧场。在沙漠中,方 向至关重要,在这里,在各个三角锥体之间的小径都导向纪念馆的中心, 使整个总平面看上去像一颗光芒四射的北极星,引导来自各方的人们。 在周边的景观设计中,建筑师采用直线型水渠贯穿整个公园,在沙漠 中刻画出两条时间轴,体现了过去、今天和未来的主题。纪念馆见证了历 史,市政府代表了今天,而面对着塔里木河的公园则体现了未来。整组城 市轴线从北到南逾越时空,纪念馆静静地倒映在周边的水池中央,象征着 对历史的沉思。 034 1.

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