Dictionary of Ancient Magic Words and Spells: From Abraxas to Zoar

A entire guide of greater than 1,000 magical phrases, words, symbols, and mystery alphabets

• Explains the origins, derivatives, and sensible utilization of every be aware, word, and spell in addition to how they are often mixed for customized spells

• according to the paranormal traditions of Europe, Greece, and Egypt and lately came across unique grimoires from Scandinavia, France, and Germany

• contains an in-depth exploration of mystery magical alphabets, together with these according to Hebrew letters, Kabbalistic symbols, astrological indicators, and runes

From Abracadabra to the now recognized spells of the Harry Potter sequence, magic phrases are not any longer limited to the practices of pagans, alchemists, witches, and occultists. they've got turn into a part of the preferred mind's eye of the Western international. handed down from historic Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, those phrases and the rituals surrounding them have survived during the millennia simply because they paintings. And as student Claude Lecouteux finds, usually the extra impenetrable they appear, the more suitable they're.

Analyzing greater than 7,000 spells from the paranormal traditions of Europe in addition to the mystical papyri of the Greeks and lately stumbled on distinctive grimoires from Scandinavia, France, and Germany, Lecouteux has compiled a complete dictionary of historical magic phrases, words, and spells in addition to an in-depth exploration--the first in English--of mystery magical alphabets, together with these in line with Hebrew letters, Kabbalistic symbols, astrological indicators, and runes. Drawing upon millions of medieval money owed and recognized manuscripts reminiscent of the Heptameron of Peter Abano, the writer examines the origins of every note or spell, delivering distinctive directions on their winning use, no matter if for cover, love, wealth, or therapeutic. He charts their evolution and derivations during the centuries, displaying, for instance, how spells that have been as soon as meant to place out fires advanced to guard humans from witchcraft. He unearths the inherent versatility of magic phrases and the way every one sorcerer or witch had a suite of inventory words they might mix to construct a customized spell for the paranormal desire handy.

Presenting a wealth of fabric on magical phrases, indicators, and charms, either universal and imprecise, Lecouteux additionally explores the mystical phrases and spells of old Scandinavia, the Hispano-Arabic magic of Spain ahead of the Reconquista, the traditions handed down from old Egypt, and those who have stayed in use until eventually the current day.

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Scheva can be present in a Colombian appeal meant to wreck the efficiency of a rival in love. Petit Albert, 17ff; Werner, no. 12, 199. S D S: In Byzantium, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ have been invoked opposed to 3rd- and fourth-degree fevers, in addition to diurnal and nocturnal fevers, via asking that the sufferer be added from them due to the spell: ς Δ ς μ φ β θ. Ili Ili lama savachthani. The word, “My God, why have you ever forsaken me,” will be famous right here, preceded via caracteres (see Ely, Hely). Tselikas, seventy five. S . D . S . F . S. : this is often the start of an extended sequence of caracteres that accompany a posh operation whose goal is to discover a misplaced item. The caster needs to carry a brand new knife in both his correct or left hand and set down a bref containing the subsequent team: Heidelberg, Germany, collage Library, Cpg 214, folio fifty five v°. SEME(H)T. SEGHEHALT. RAGNAHT. : those are the various beginning phrases of the 19th magical orison from the Liber iuratus. semeht uel semet. seghehalt. ragnaht. reloymal. haguliaz. exhator. hanthomos. lezen. saccail. marab. briamathon. lephez. hiesacco. themay. salaihel. agessomagy. arothatamal. Liber iuratus. Liber iuratus, chap. 29. SEMESEILAM: it's proposal that this observe derives from a Hebrew expression which means “sun of the area” or “eternal sun,” or maybe from the Aramaic shemi shelam, “peace is my identify. ” A pill present in Carthage says, “Semeseilam, the god that illuminates and darkens the area. ” Wünsch, no. four, 248ff. SEMIPHORAS/SHEHAMPHORAS: this can be the name of a grimoire at the unspeakable identify of God shaped from seventy-two Hebrew letters taken from verses 19–21 within the fourth e-book of Exodus. It seemed in German in 1686 and used to be attributed to Solomon. The identify is taken from the Hebrew Shem ha-mephorash (). In a instantly line from the Kabbalah, it makes use of the numerical worth of the letters to discover all of the divine names. those names are composed of seventy-two teams of 3 letters, each one being the identify of an angel. between different issues, this grimoire bargains directions on tips to tackle the weather, spirits, the lifeless, etc via sequence of magic phrases. within the Lemegeton, the 1st e-book of The Lesser Key of Solomon, shehamphoras designate seventy-two demons, yet this probably potential daimons within the Greek experience of the time period. The Liber incantationum devotes a word to what it calls “semiforas, the nice identify that used to be written on Aaron’s brow” (folio 106 v°–107 r°). the 1st publication of Liber iuratus (see that access) presents a model of the Semiphoras and provides the identify of the angels bearing this “great identify of God. ” Abtan, Eliaon, Holomaati, Jod, Lagumen, Letamnin, Lyacham, Maya, Micrato, Saday, Sadaj, Yane, Yeseraye. Semiphoras, Schäuble version, 298; Kohler, 19–32; Eisler, 157–59. SENAPOS ESTAMOS NOTARIN: Carved on a talismanic ring, those phrases subjugate genies and abort any plans being laid opposed to you. whilst utilizing the talisman, you assert: Senapos Terfita Estamos Pertifer Notarin. Trésor, 180a–b. SENOZAN GORGORA GOBERDON: A prisoner looking to get away should still write those phrases on a section of birch bark.

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