Dragons of the Highlord Skies (Dragonlance: The Lost Chronicles, Book 2)

By Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman

The Chronicles retold--from evil's element of view.

The tale starts off in Neraka, the place Kitiara uth Matar and Emperor Ariakas hatch a plan to retrieve a dragon orb and thereby smash Solamnia and the partners in a single fell swoop. however the parent of the dragon orb, Highlord Feal-Thas, disagrees with this plan. Kitiara needs to visit Ice Wall to strength him to just accept Ariakas' will, yet her trip doesn't finish there. Thrown out of style, she conceives a bold plan to enlist the help of the main feared beings on Krynn--Lord Soth and the darkish Queen. in the meantime, Laurana and the partners retrieve the dragon orb and take it again to Solamnia--not understanding that they bring about their allies' doom with them.

The moment quantity of a brand new trilogy from celebrated authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, The misplaced Chronicles information the famed battle of the Lance from the viewpoint of the evil that menaces Krynn. The books are written in this type of manner that they're going to be magnificent enhances to the unique Chronicles, whereas whilst obtainable and interesting to new readers.

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Lets simply wipe out the small strength retaining it, grab the excessive Clerist’s Tower, and occupy it sooner than the Solamnic knights knew what hit them. From there, we march on Palanthas, triumph over the town and take over her seaports. ” “Taking Palanthas are usually not easy,” acknowledged Ariakas. “We can't lay siege to town, now not with no blocking her seaports. ” “Bah! The Palanthians are smooth and pampered dandies. They don’t are looking to struggle. they could holiday a nail. as soon as the Palanthians see dragons flying within the skies, they are going to be so terrified they'll piss their pants and quit. ” “What in the event that they don’t? ” Ariakas pointed to the map. “We don't but regulate the Plains of Solamnia, nor Elkholm, nor Heartland. you permit your flanks uncovered, surrounded through the enemy. What approximately provide traces? you'll take the citadel, yet when you are within, your troops could starve! ” “When Palanthas is ours, we resupply from there. meanwhile, we've got purple dragons ferry in what we want. ” Ariakas snorted. “The reds aren't used as pack mules! they're going to don't have anything to do with such an association. ” “If her darkish Majesty have been to reserve them—” Ariakas shook his head. Kitiara sat again. Her lips pursed, her brown eyes glinted. “Then, my lord, we are going to hold our provides with us and make do with that. ” Her fist clenched in her enthusiasm and keenness. “I warrantly you that when humans see your banner raised over the excessive Clerist’s Tower, Palanthas will fall into our palms like rotten fruit! ” “It is simply too risky,” Ariakas muttered. “Yes, it really is risky,” Kitiara agreed eagerly, “but there's a higher threat in permitting the knights time to prepare and ship in reinforcements. at once, the Knighthood is in turmoil. they've got no Grand grasp, for no guy is powerful sufficient to assert it, they usually have excessive Justices simply because males declare the placement and neither will recognize the rights of the opposite. they're working round like sailors on a burning deck quarreling over whose task it really is to place out the hearth and the entire whereas, their send is sinking. ” “That should be true,” stated Ariakas, “but the Knighthood continues to be a robust strength in Solamnia and as long as the knights are round, the Solamnic humans won't ever hand over. The knights needs to be totally destroyed, the knighthood vanquished. i need them overwhelmed, shattered, and so demoralized they could by no means get well. ” “That will ensue if we rout the knights on the excessive Clerist’s Tower,” Kitiara argued. “If Palanthas falls end result of the feeble folly of the knights, the folks will flip from them in fury and disgust. the folk already mistrust them. The lack of the excessive Clerist’s Tower and the invasion of Palanthas may be the ultimate blow. The knighthood may fall apart to airborne dirt and dust. ” Seeing Ariakas considering this over, Kitiara pressed domestic her element. “My lord,” she stated, “we use the blue dragons to strike like a thunder bolt falling from the heavens. We hit the knights speedy and we hit them difficult prior to they ever see us coming. supply the command and my dragons may be able to assault in the week!

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