Eberron Campaign Guide: Roleplaying Game Supplement

By James Wyatt, Keith Baker

The Eberron(R) global strikes into 4th variation D&D(R)!

This books comprises all of the info any DM would wish concerning the global of Eberron. This fascinating global is entire with hovering towns, viscious wars, and a gritty mean-streets sort that harkens again to the traditions of movie noir.

The Eberron crusade atmosphere is up-to-date into the 4th version D&D relatives with the Eberron crusade Guide. that includes the entire personality parts from the center rulebooks, this up to date model of the Eberron global is a needs to for any gamer that likes the magic-as-technology, movie noir, high-adventure crusade environment that was once selected from over 15,000 online game submissions.

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Contained in the wall. constructions risc larger and better towards the tallest towe rs within the heart of the plateil1l . cre:lt ing an excellent paintings iflcial mOLlIl ' tain on the heilrt of the Ci ty. higher valuable PLATEAU optimum Towers (civic district) Korranath (finance district) Korran·Thlven (finance district) Mithral Tower(wealthy residential diSHict) Platinum Heights (fine outlets) Skysedge Park (park district) THE GALIFAR CODE OF JUSTICE The Gallfar Code of Justice used to be the difficult method of legislation, rights. and laws that outlined the felony constitution of the unlfled nation of Gallfar ahead of the final warfare. The Galifar code survives intact In Breland and Aundalr. Karrnath's criminal code is extra inflexible and not more forgiving than the Galifar code on which It used to be dependent. and Thrane's theocratIC executive has changed the code with a extra stringent set of rellglous legislation. the opposite countries of Khorvalre use their very own platforms of legislation and justice that C II AP T F H 2 I Th e urban o/Towers hint their ancestry in various levels again to the Code of Galifar. The legislation presume Innocence, offer for judgment through pee~ and identify a fancy felony method. If a person lands up In hassle with the legislation. it truly is hugely steered that the topic receive the companies of a solicitor or councilor expert within the Code of Justice. in spite of legislation and enforcers, the Code leaves sufficient loopholes and gaps within the method for skilled criminals to exploit. Dura. and lots of the vasl wa re condo districts a re foun d in its decrease ward. Dura conta ins a m ix of companies a nd hOllsing a nd encompasses a variety of a pa rtments, teneme nts. a nd slums. The lo\\"e r degrees of Dura a re ho me to a l. a. rge inhabitants ofi mmig rants from Oa rg uun a nd Droaa m that rorm il ne ighborhood of goblins and different monstrou s citizens. center critical PLATEAU AmbassadorTowers (embassy diStrict) Dava Gate (professional district) Dragon Towers (gUildhall district) Sovereign Towers (temple district) Sword aspect (garrison) Tradefair (marketplace) reduce relevant PLATEAU Boldrei's middle h (inn district) Granite HaUs (shops) Myshan Gardens (average residential district) North Towers (shops) OUadra's Kitchen (tavern diStrict) Vallia Towers (average residential district) DURA one of many oldest a lid biggest quarters ofSha rn . Dura <:o\'crs the g reat ex pa nse of the western platea u. fro m the cli f{.. overlooking the Dagge r Ri \'er to the c revasse that ope ns into the western pa rt of the Cogs. Dura r i~es from the ruins of the traditional c ities that occupied this posit ion at the lJagge r River, because the urban has ~row n th tough the centuries. notwithstanding, Sharn has leli l)ura be hind. this day. ma manhattan con facet r Our. 1 a blight Oll the town. r iddled because it is with poverty and crime. Dura is horne to nearly all of the decrease periods of <. :. harn. and decrease Dura is little higher than t he Cogs. \one theless. lJura is the hea rt of t he city's port alternate. shipment passes from the d ocks ofC lilTsidc up th ro ugh > 'w" > o top DURA Clifftop (adventurer's distriCt) Daggerwatch (garrison) Highhold (dwarf local) Highwater (average residential district) Hope's height (temple district) put out of your mind (apartment townhomes) RedstOne (shops) center DURA The Bazaar (marketplace and retailers) damaged Arch (average residential diStrict) Hareth's Folly (tavern diStrict) Rattlestone (apartment tOwnhomes) typhoon carry (average residential district) Tumbledown (tenement district) Underlook (inn district) reduce DURA Calleslan (inn district) Fallen (slum) SHARN 1N short Sham Is the most important urban In Khorvalre, and its mile-high towers are a wonderofme world-whne the ruins of historical empires stretch a ways underneath these towers' roots.

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