Eulalia! (Redwall)

By Brian Jacques

The golden fox Vizka Longtooth and his scurrilous workforce of Sea Raiders are sure for plunder and conquest; of their ship?s carry, a tender badger lies captive. even as, the elderly badger lord of Salamandastron has despatched forth a haremaid, questing for his successor. A brownrat chieftain, along with his savage horde, ravages Mossflower state. The destiny of some of these creatures, sturdy and evil, is stuck up during this saga of warfare and future. The battle cry thunders out around the land?Eulalia!

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Vizka set aside his mace and chain. “Oh, dat one, we left ’im lyin’ round somewhere, yet de ’airymouse taught me a lesson this night. Dat Redwall position, it ain’t no Abbey fulla tender woodlanders. Gettin’ in dere ain’t gonna be effortless. ” Magger spoke back with a bit of luck, “We’ve fought battles afore, Cap’n, an’ we ain’t by no means misplaced. Yew kinfolk do it if’n anybeast can, nobeast stands agin Vizka Longtooth an’ wins! ” The golden fox leaned again opposed to the ditchside. “So ye say, yet I ain’t by no means fought no stripe’ound. ” Magger seemed questioningly at his captain. “De stripe’ound, ’ow d’yer recognize ’e’s in dere? ” Vizka defined. “Dat ’edgepig used to be up on der wall, I ’eard ’is voice, dat’s ’ow I is aware our Rock’ead’s in de Abbey, dey escaped t’gether didn’t they? ” Bilger, who used to be half-asleep, opened one eye. “Does dat suggest ya ain’t gonna attempt an’ take Redwall, Cap’n? ” Vizka picked up his mace and chain, his eyes and his lengthy fangs glowing within the darkness. “I approximately slayed dat stripe’ound final time I ’it ’im wid this. I’ll end der activity subsequent time, you notice. Afore dis season’s out I’ll be cap’n o’ Redwall, plannin’ an’ brains, dat’s all it takes! ” at the walltops, Granspike Niblo used to be clearing away the supper bowls. She smiled fondly at Orkwil. “I’m blissful to determine ye again ’ome an’ behavin’ yoreself, Orkwil. you probably did an outstanding task the following t’night, defendin’ our Abbey an’ sendin’ these vermin packin’. ” The younger hedgehog handed her his empty bowl, shaking his head. “We knocked one ole vole mindless, Gran, that’s all. The vermin are nonetheless in the market, i feel Redwall has a few difficult days forward. incidentally, how’s my good friend Gorath comin’ alongside, is he higher but? ” The outdated Beekeeper shook her head. “He’s gettin’ larger, yet that giant feller isn’t healthy but, no longer by way of an extended straw. Pore beast’s been via a dreadful time, if’n ye inquire from me. ” Foremole Burff chuckled. “Aye, marm, yet you’m wait’ll ee badgerbeast bee’s good agin. Hurrhurr, then ee’ll see summ sparks a-flyin’, boi okey ee will! ” sixteen Maudie felt she used to be in the midst of a nightmare in vast sunlight. because the logboats soared out over the waterfall they have been enveloped in a milky fog of spray, tinged via by means of a wide spectrum of rainbow colors. The haremaid had published her carry of the logboat, as had the Guosim crews. All approximately them the air used to be jam-packed with the roar of cascading waters. It was once the strangest of sensations, plunging downward amid all of the noise and color, seeing others falling along her, a few nonetheless retaining their paddles. Maudie even had time to contemplate what had occurred to the coracle, and its shipment of shrewbabes. could the logboats land on most sensible of them? these terrible infants, it didn’t undergo contemplating…. Splaaaash! Kabooooom! The Guosim crews hit the water. Maudie was once immersed in a global of swirling blue, eco-friendly and white, with the uninteresting increase of the waterfall echoing in her cranium. She was once whirling approximately, like a leaf in a storm, water filling her mouth, nostrils and imaginative and prescient. Her physique was once swept sideways, as she felt herself thrust upward, paws flailing in all instructions, towards the skin.

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