Ezra Pound's Adams Cantos (Historicizing Modernism)

By David Ten Eyck

Ezra Pound reworked his variety of poetry while he wrote The Adams Cantos within the Twenties. yet what brought on him to reconsider his previous writing concepts? Grounded in archival fabric, this learn explores the level to which Pound's poetry replaced in line with his studying of 17th-century American historical past and the social weather of the pre-war period.

Drawing at the Ezra Pound papers, David Ten Eyck records the alterations to Pound's documentary strategies, setting up a chronology of the composition of The Cantos. His shut readings of particular passages, set opposed to the interwar years, enable Ten Eyck to realize insights into Pound's Nineteen Thirties political and social feedback. via references to the annotated reproduction of The Works of John Adams, he explores Pound's engagement with Adams on the fee of Thomas Jefferson: a determine officially on the middle of his past paintings. eventually, this contextual and archival examine makes use of John Adams and the United States to free up the fascist ideals and the later poetry of Ezra Pound.

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