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Avoid, Parry, Strike

I used to be on my own at the streets of Merrick, anticipating the guards to depart . . . watching for the sunlight to set. I had one job handy, scouse borrow the Rose of Persephone and go back it to the King of Annur.

And nobody used to be going to get in my way.

But simply then a kind of uppity, eco-friendly watchmen, you recognize the sort, he blows the sign whistle and tells the guards he sees anything. earlier than I knew it, six goons have been swarming my situation and I'd spent all week casing this alley. I had just one probability to get out alive . . .

This is a compendium of feats.

We've taken 1000's of feats from dozens of books and compiled them in a single situation. including over two hundred new feats and correcting latest ones, this sizeable compendium is every little thing you'll ever desire regarding feats. heritage, common, spellcasting, or even infernal feats are all right here to carry your third version delusion video games to life.

And what participant doesn't wish that?

This ebook is the last word on feats. not anything else even comes close.
Let the video games Begin

* Over 1,000 feats
* Compiled and corrected from over 60 sources
* Infernal feats
* countless numbers of latest feats
* Over a hundred feats only for spellcasters
* New Quest feats!

Requires using the Dungeons & Dragons Player's instruction manual.

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Reproduction makes use of haven't any extra influence. This assault violates a paladin's code. HANDLER [GENERAL] you could force teamsof animalsfasterandharderthan such a lot a person else. profit: You achieve a +4 bonus in your deal with Animal ability exams to while using animals, both in a wagon educate or whilst wrangling a herd. furthermore, you achieve a +1 circumvent bonus opposed to all herd animals. HARDY [GENERAL] you're immune to severe temperatUres. profit: You obtain a +4 bonus to Fortitude saves made to withstand subdual harm from publicity to very popular (over ninety° F) or very chilly (below forty° F) environments. you want to pick out even if you obtain the bonus opposed to scorching or chilly climate should you take this feat. precise: you could achieve this feat two times to be able to achieve an advantage opposed to either cold and warm stipulations. therapeutic contact [GENERAL] you're skilled in therapeutic battlefield trauma, so that you understand how to patch up accidents in strive against. must haves: Wis 13+, eight+ ranks in Heal ability, box Medic. gain: while creating a profitable Heal cost to administer first reduction, the objective profits +1d4 hit issues as well as the other results. additionally, while administering long-term care, the recipient regains hit issues This feat can be utilized as soon as according to day in line with goal. common: Characters receiving long-term care, regain hit issues again at two times their common cost. middle OF THE MOUNTAIN [GENERAL] able of battling againstimpos- sible odds. necessities: Str 13+, Con 13+, nice Fortitude, Iron Will, more advantageous longevity, longevity, base assault bonus +3 or better. gain: You achieve +2 hit issues consistent with point. You achieve those issues retroactively for all degrees formerly won, as well as gaining the issues each point thereafter. HEIGHTENED SENSES [GENERAL] you will have sharp sensesalerting you to risk. necessities: Wis 13+,Alertness. profit: You achieve a +2 bonus to all pay attention assessments, seek tests, and see tests. This bonus stacks with Alertness. HEIGHTENED handbook DEXTERITY [GENERAL] Youhavenimble, dexterousfingers. necessities: Dex 13+. gain: Yougain a+1bonusto all Dexterity basedskill tests. middle OF THE STAG [GENERAL] Yougain lengthy bursts of energy,fueling you whilst your physique would routinely provide out. necessities: Armor skillability within the armor being worn or got rid of. profit: you could don rapidly and take away armor in part the time indexed on desk 7-6 of the PHB (rounding fractions up). you're destined for greatness. you could now not even recognize it but. necessities: Any skill rankings 15+. profit: as soon as in line with gaming consultation, you instantly stabilize in case your hit element overall falls under o. moreover, as soon as consistent with gaming session,you might reroll an individual failed savingthrow. HIDDEN RUN [GENERAL] you're a fleeting shadow, approximately invisible whilst you rush prior competitors. necessities: Dex 13+, four+ ranks in Balanceskill, four+ ranks in Climb ability, eight+ ranks in conceal ability, eight+ ranks in stream Silently ability, superior Equilibrium. gain: you'll movement as much as your common pace with out penalty on your conceal payment or movement Silently money.

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