Finding Humanity In The Search For Nature: Adorno, Bloch, and Merleau-Ponty

By Shannon Hayes

There's an air that hovers over the twenty-first century, an air that foretells of an approaching
ecological disaster. protective practices comparable to recycling, and the merchandising of the
responsible utilization of usual assets, aid to gradual the destruction of the earth, yet they don't resolve its approaching destruction. they don't indicate of the matter, in the direction of an international free of ecological difficulties. This thesis makes an attempt to indicate outwards, in the direction of a unique dating among nature and humanity that hopes to respond to the ontological query, “how can we remedy the matter of ecological problems?” With Karl Marx we discover that this question will be spoke back by way of the humanity that overturns capitalism. consequently, in Marx’s early writings we discover an outline of communism, of a society that has conquer the domination and alienation complicit with the capitalist economic climate. the following, nature is affirmed concomitantly with humanity. now not alienated from the character from which it got here, humanity extends itself to nature unobstructedly. From this intimate relation to nature, humanity is in a privileged place to save lots of the character that's essential to shop itself. the rest of this thesis will have interaction the serious theories of Theodor Adorno and Ernst Bloch, and the phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty, so that it will enhance a inspiration of the way we movement in the direction of the actualization of this dream of Marx: the co-affirmation of nature and humanity. during this thesis i am hoping to teach that neither severe idea nor phenomenology is innovative by itself yet that those traditions has to be introduced jointly which will have interaction historic materialism with the embodied subjectivities that
will function innovative topics.

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