Garden Landscapes

By Sophia Song

The booklet is edited by way of Brazilian clothier Marcelo Novas. He conscientiously screens greater than 20 works within the publication. Readers can think the appeal of genuine artwork during this book.
astounding, mesmerizing, hugely sophisticated... it is a ebook that takes you on a travel of Brazil s most pretty gardens, unveiling the refinement of very precise tasks and the oeuvre of 1 of the best modern panorama architects.

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The fountain jets spring out of the reflecting pool and spotlight the platform that monitors a really infrequent 1938 Rolls Royce, contrasting with the colourful New Guinea impatiens. 众多的雕塑植物品种为花园增色不少,其中露兜树属植物因其悬空的树根而引人注目。 喷泉水柱从光面的水池中喷射出来,突出了展示台上及其稀罕的1938年的劳斯莱斯,与五颜六色的新几内亚凤仙花 形成鲜明对比。 Left: The strongly claret-hued neoregelia fireballs (Neoregelia ‘Fireball’) are supported by means of a weird constitution of folded PVC coated with natural substrate. prepared in a spiraled set, they dangle from a worldly arbor used as an orchid nursery. 左图:酒红色的彩叶火球由展开的PVC特殊结构所支撑,里面填塞了有机基片。这个框架是一个螺旋结构,可作为 兰科植物培养苗圃。 10~11 top correct: The layout of the ground complements the traces and beds of the backyard. Left: the colours of the plants and the reflecting pool enhance the voluminous types of the sculpture. 右上:地面的设计突显出花园的线条和花坛。 左图:花朵的缤纷色彩和光面的水池装饰了雕塑的丰满体型。 12~13 along the screw pine, the sculptural ponytail hands (Beaucarnea recurvata) body that corner of the backyard. At evening, the lighting intensify the outlines of the vegetation and the structure. The callisias (Callisia warszewicziana), with their unique lilac plants, enfold the ordinary stones. within the heritage, the carpentaria arms (Carpentaria acuminata) confer dignity to the doorway. 沿着这些露兜树属植物,马尾掌装饰了花园的角落。夜晚,灯光更加突出了植物和建筑的轮廓。 鸭拓草科植物带有奇异的丁香花香,围绕着自然的石头而生。卡本塔利亚掌状植物为入口赋予了庄严的气息。 14~15 a shocking backyard 奇异花园 so one can unveil all of the enchantments of this backyard, a look from a selected spot at the estate isn't really sufficient. it will be important to head a long way past that, to stroll alongside the entire garden’s paths and realize memorable new eventualities round each bend. which will give the chance, the architect rigorously selected every one of the species that decorate the 6,000-square-meter sector with a different attraction. even supposing at the one hand the inclination of the terrain imposed problems at the layout of the undertaking, however it used to be precisely what afforded the spectacular paths the place you can get pleasure from a calm walk. The meticulousness concerning the selection of species intended that, as well as harmoniousness, the respective blooming classes have been taken into consideration in order that the backyard may glance colourful via all 4 seasons. The rest components additionally got the maximum recognition, with the attractive form of the pool and the plentiful deck. 如果想揭开这个花园的神秘面纱一饱眼福,站在此院落的某一角肯定做不到一览无余。你需要走遍花园的 所有小路,发现那些每个拐角处值得记忆的新奇景色。为了实现这个想法,设计师精心挑选每一个植物物 种,以其特有的魅力点缀着6,000多平方米的院落景观。 尽管一方面这里的地形对该项目的设计造成了难题,另一方面它确恰恰成就了奇异小路所需的蜿蜒,在这 里人们可以享受宁静的漫步。 精心挑选物种的原因除了和谐起见,主要是考虑到每个季节不同植物的繁荣期,从而让花园一年四季都生 机盎然,色彩缤纷。 休闲区也同样受到极大限度的重视,设有美妙形状的水池和宽阔的池面。 16~17 higher left: Surrounded by means of sago cycads (Cycas revoluta), the bathe is in a really specific atmosphere; at the deck, a vase with ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata). reduce correct: which will confer better grandeur to the doorway, a driveway for either automobiles and pedestrians was once outfitted. All of that amidst palm timber and topiary boxwood. 左上:围绕于西米苏铁植物之间,淋浴喷头营造出一个十分特别的氛围;平台上的花瓶里养着马尾掌植物。 右下:为了赋予入口更加壮观的景色,修建了既能通车也能行人的车道。车道就在掌状植物和灌木丛林之间。 18~19 top correct: The sculptural fantastic thing about the Bismarck palm timber (Bismarckia nobilis) has an remarkable impression at the house’s panorama.

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