By Ayatullah Dastghaib Shirazi - XKP

This is the final Vol of the three Books on Gunah e Kabira - higher Sins - through Ayatullah Abdul Husayn Dastghaib. He has exhaustively defined the phenomenon of sin, the type of sins, and the need of heading off them. He has additionally defined fifty kinds of better Sins.


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I stated: O Rafidiyya! [13]Did you remedy me with the soil of the grave of Husain? the girl arose in anger and went away. My ailment back, and my situation was once so critical that i used to be confident of an early loss of life. The man’s religion must have been superior by way of this edifying incident. in its place he insulted it and misplaced the advantages he had received from it. He suffered the disorder back, turning into an instance of the ayat, “And We demonstrate of the Qur’an that that is a therapeutic and a mercy to the believers, and it provides merely to the perdition of the unjust. ” (Surah al-‘Isrā’, 17: eighty two) How real are the couplets of Sadi, which say: Rain water is Allah (S. w. T. )’s Mercy. there is not any doubt in its advantages and purity. yet a drop that falls into the mouth of an oyster turns into a necessary pearl, and a drop that falls within the mouth of the snake turns into deadly poison. Disrespect of Turbah invitations Destruction Shaykh Tusi mentions within the Amali quoting from Mūsa Ibn Abdul Aziz that he acknowledged: One Christian surgeon via the identify of Yohanna got here to me and acknowledged, ‘I positioned you less than the oath of your faith and your Prophet, you inform me even if the guy buried in Karbala, for whose Ziarat humans are available in hordes, used to be a significant other of the Prophet? ’ I stated, ‘No! He was once the grandson of our Prophet (S), Hazrat Husain (a. s. ). Now! I positioned you below oath to inform why you had posed any such query to me? ’ He acknowledged: i've got heard a truly unusual story approximately him. One evening, Shapūr the servant of the accursed Caliph Harūn got here to me and took me to Mūsa Ibn Isa an in depth relative of the Caliph. i discovered him subconscious on his mattress. His inner organs have been mendacity in a pail sooner than him. these days Harūn had summoned him from Kufa. Shapūr requested the targeted servant of Mūsa what was once the problem along with his grasp. He stated that he was once alright a number of hours in the past and speaking to his colleagues. one in every of them was once Hashemite. He was once asserting: i used to be heavily in poor health and all of the medical professionals had did not healing my disease. My scribe prompt that I search the treatment from the Turbah of Hazrat Husain (a. s. ). I this recommendation and was once cured. Mūsa requested him if he had a section of that turbah ultimate with him? ‘Yes’, he stated, and despatched an individual to get it for Mūsa right away. so as to defile it Mūsa threw it within the drain pipe of his rest room. all at once Mūsa screamed ‘Fire! fireplace! ’ as though he used to be burning in hearth. He requested for a pail and what you spot in it are the items of his inner organs. when you consider that, all his neighbors left his residence and a kingdom of mourning descended on his relations. Shapūr instructed me to stay there for the evening and discover his and draw a few end. He stayed for the evening and Mūsa expired at sunrise. The narrator says that Yohanna the Christian visited the tomb of Imam Husain (a. s. ) repeatedly and eventually he authorized Islam and remained a Muslim all his lifestyles. This record is usually pointed out within the tenth quantity of Bihār al-Anwār. real desires Mirza Husain Nūri (r. a. ) writes in his publication Darus Salām that certainly one of his brother went to go to their mom. He was once wearing the Turbah of Imam Husain (a.

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