Gudea and his Dynasty (RIM The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia)

By Dietz Otto Edzard

Gudea governed over the Sumerian city-state of Lagas in the course of the twenty first century B.C.E., and left a major wealth of inscriptions concerning his construction job and pious donations, displayed on statues, clay cylinders, mace heads, vessels and plenty of different items. The principal a part of the booklet is Gudea's incription devoted to the development of the Eninnu, the most sanctuary of his city-god Ningirsu. it's composed of 2 elements, each one displayed on a massive clay cylinder measuring 60 cm in peak and 33 cm in diameter. The composition as an entire has 1366 instances or strains, and is likely one of the longest Sumerian literary texts recognized at the moment. even supposing officially a development inscription, it's even as Sumerian poetic artwork at its most sensible, and likewise a wealthy resource for the examine of Sumerian faith.

Gudea's inscriptions and people of his predecessors and fans are provided within the Latin transliteration of the unique cuneiform texts, in translation, and they're supplied with introductions, commentaries and explanatory notes, with the amount as an entire highlighting a century which was once a part of the so-called Neo-Sumerian period.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY 1884-1912 de Sarzec, Découvertes II p. LX (copies) 1925 Thureau-Dangin, TCL eight pis. LIII-LIV (copies) 1932 Witzel, Gudea (copy) 1971 Baer, RA sixty five pp. 4-5, 10-12 (edition) 1987 Jacobsen, Harps pp. 441-43 (translation) textual content Col. 1') 2') Col 1') 2') 3') Col. V) 2 ) 3') 4') 5') 6') ' (frgm. eight) fx x S]I [x x G]ÁL [x x m]ah ii' (frgm. eight) [x] r x l [x (x)] è r x l agrig-zi ama dnanse-ra muš nu-[tú]m Tél [-.. ] iii' (frgms. five and three) [x] e pa4-bi [x] me-dim [(x)] 1x1 é okù za-gìn [(x)] en-nu-bi [(x) m]e-dím [gù]-dé-a [é]-gul0 ma-[d]ù-e [me-bi ma]-ab-du7-du7 [x (x)] ixl UD-gim [x]-e ma-da-ab-si-si hur-sag-ga-lam-ma-gim an ki-a bad-bad-e i' 1 - 2 ' ) ... xx ii' 1 - three ' ) ... the trustworthy steward who's ever current for mom Nanše ... iii7 1 '-2') dikes and canals ... condo, silver and lapis lazuli, its guard(-house) ... iii' 3^-4') Gudea will construct my [House] for me, he'll do it [for me] as precisely [as he can]. iii' 5') ... iii' 6') isolating heaven from earth as (one might see it from) an ever-rising mountain Gudea E3/L1. 7. Cy1frgms 8+3+5+4 7') 8') 9') Col. 1') 2') 3') 4') 5') 6') T) 103 iii' 7 - nine ' ) inim-bi ènsi ïxl du„-ga-nu ]x (x)] rxl nu-mu-[x-x(-x)]-DU [... ] rxi iv' (frgms. five, three, and four) piri[g-J)uš] á-[tuku] d nin-gi[r-su] a-zi-den-l[fl-là] fcur-sag-e tu-da máš-1u1im-e ga-zi gu7-a r% ha-1u-úb mur-ra-an n[a • x]-a u4-bù-[bù] an-šár rX1 [( x )] rX1 gá[1] rxl ur-sag dnin-ïgir-su kiI-ba[1] du7-du7 iv' l'-4') [Fierce] lion, [full of] power, Ningi[rsu], real offspring of En1[i1], born via the mountain, nursed with the fit milk of a hind, iv' 5'-6') ... halub and murran bushes, blowing typhoon ... iv' 7') warrior Ningirsu, butting opposed to the insurgent lands, iv' 8') [... ] ... 8') [... ] TDU/dal Col. v' (frgms. five and four) 1') m[á x x (x)] muns[ub? x x] 2') am-s[i]-gim [á]-^uš1-ba nu-D[U(-x)] 3') Tgul-pes-àm á im-ta-šub 4') é-e ú-BAD-gim šà ki im-mi-íb-tab 5') šu-úr-me Ix1-bi n[ú-a] 6') N[Á ... ] Col. vi' (frgm. four) 1') [... ] ÍL [x] 2') si1a-sír-sí[r x] á [... ] v' 1') ... v' 2 - three ' ) Like an elephant it ... now not in its fierce [force]; with its vast neck it has reduced the horns. v' 4') the home ... (on) the floor like ... grass. v' 5') Cypress ... v' 6') ... [... ] vi# l'-2') ... Fragment 6 statement MNB 1514d: Fragment of a clay cylinder, peak 15. zero cm, size five. four cm, thickness 2. four cm, reconstructed width of col. four. five cm. very likely belongs including frgms. 1 and 10. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1884-1912 de Sarzec, Découvertes II p. LX (copy) 1925 Thureau-Dangin, TCL eight pl. LIV (copy) 1932 Witzel, Gudea (copy) 1971 Baer, RA sixty five p. three (study) textual content Col. i Y) [... ] r x l [... A]N 2') [... ] r x i [... ] r x i 3') forty-one 50 Col. 1') 2') 3') [... ] bi [... G]I Jja-[,. ,]-ra [... ] DU [. ,. ] r x i [... ] DU [... ] ii' [x] rxl x (x)] NI UR[U X (x)] UŠUM [x x] gù AN [x (x)] NE [x (x)] GIŠ. ma-[nu? x x] GAR AN [x x] GI i[r? x x] ma h[a x x] NI [x x (x)] ï 1 - five ' ) ... ii' l'-3') ... Gudea 104 E3/1. 1. 7. Cylfrgm 7 Fragment 7 remark MNB 1514i: Fragment of a clay cylinder, peak three. five cm, size eight. 2 cm, thickness 2.

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