Handbook of Food Preservation, Second Edition (Food Science and Technology)

By M. Shafiur Rahman

The processing of nutrition is not any longer basic or straight forward, yet is now a hugely inter-disciplinary technological know-how. a few new innovations have constructed to increase shelf-life, reduce threat, guard the surroundings, and increase practical, sensory, and dietary houses. The ever-increasing variety of meals items and maintenance thoughts creates an excellent call for for an up-to-the-minute guide that would facilitate knowing of the equipment, expertise, and technology focused on the manipulation of those traditional and complex protection methods.

Extensively revised, reorganized, and improved from 25 to forty four chapters, the instruction manual of foodstuff maintenance, moment version is still the definitive source on meals renovation. It emphasizes useful, least expensive, and safe-strategies for imposing upkeep innovations and dissects the precise mode or mechanism enthusiastic about each one approach by way of highlighting the consequences on foodstuff homes. Divided into 5 sections the booklet starts with an summary of nutrients maintenance and dealing with together with clean vegatables and fruits, grains and pulses, fish, pork, and milk. It offers entire protection equipment in keeping with chemical and microbiological ingredients, corresponding to fermentation and pH decreasing brokers. The e-book information tools of actual manipulation related to modified-atmosphere packaging, membrane know-how, floor remedy, and suitable for eating coating. there's additionally an intensive description of renovation tools utilizing thermal and different strength resembling irradiation, high-pressure, and pulsed electrical or magnetic fields. eventually, the e-book provides a number oblique methods to enhance caliber and safeguard and stable production practices.

Containing primary and functional features of modern day present and rising upkeep equipment, the instruction manual of foodstuff upkeep, moment version is helping working towards commercial and educational meals scientists, technologists, and engineers enhance top quality, secure items via greater figuring out and regulate of the strategies.

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