Historical Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Warfare

This Dictionary covers the interval from the emergence of the Egyptian country round 3000 BC to the Arab conquest within the mid-7th century advert. The ebook is split into 3 major sections. An introductory part incorporates a chronology of Egypt, with all identified army activities, and an essay highlighting the issues of the surviving proof and its interpretation, and the key alterations in army expertise and association over the interval concerned. The critical part covers a variety of matters together with, pharaohs for whom army actions are documented; overseas rulers and international locations opposed to whom the Egyptians fought, or who invaded Egypt; guns and armed forces expertise; significant archaeological websites; gods and goddesses linked to conflict; hands exchange; literature; and social development. The 3rd part is a close bibliography of the historic stages and archaeological websites, and the wider topic components coated through the dictionary. there's a sequence of maps of Egypt and the encircling areas, and a kinglist with rulers and their dates, and the dynasties and kingdoms to which they're assigned by means of Egyptologists.

This reference is aimed essentially at scholars and the reader. It presumes no distinctive wisdom of historical Egypt. The association of the publication as a dictionary signifies that it may be used by itself as a examine software, or together with different works, equivalent to histories, or translations of Egyptian texts. The consumer can locate concise definitions and outlines, and short bills of army activities. throughout the cross-referencing of every access, and along with the bibliography, the consumer can pursue the broader concerns and locate extra specified reviews.

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