Hot Dogs and Cocktails: When FDR Met King George VI at Hyde Park on Hudson

From the coauthor of The King's Speech, the tale in the back of the ancient assembly between FDR and King George VI at the eve of worldwide struggle II, a gathering that's now the topic of a tremendous Hollywood motion picture, Hyde Park on Hudson

Between June ninth and 12th 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth have been the site visitors of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at his kingdom property in Hyde Park, long island, in the course of what used to be the 1st ever stopover at by means of a reigning British monarch to the us. Coming at a time whilst Britain desperately needed U.S. assist in the clash that now appeared inevitable, the assembly was once entrance web page information on either side of the Atlantic and imbued with large political value. This fascinating book recreates the backdrop to the royal stopover at, studying the political history and the media's response, and tells the again tales either one of the King and of FDR, whose colourful own lifestyles grew to become entwined with the visit.

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