Language and Myth

By Ernst Cassirer

In this crucial research Ernst Cassirer analyzes the non-rational concept strategies that visit make up tradition. He demonstrates that underneath either language and delusion there lies an subconscious "grammar" of expertise, whose different types and canons aren't these of logical idea. He indicates that this prelogical "logic" isn't really in basic terms an undeveloped kingdom of rationality, yet anything essentially assorted, and that this archaic mode of idea nonetheless has huge, immense strength over even our such a lot rigorous inspiration, in language, poetry and myth.
The writer analyzes brilliantly such probably varied (yet similar) phenomena because the metaphysics of the Bhagavat Gita, the Melanesian proposal of Mana, the Naturphilosophie of Schelling, glossy poetry, historical Egyptian faith, and symbolic common sense. He covers an unlimited variety of fabric that's all too usually ignored in reviews of human thought.
These six essays are of significant curiosity to the scholar of philosophy or the philosophy of technological know-how, the historian, or the anthropologist. also they are remarkably well timed for college students of literature, what with the big emphasis positioned upon "myth" in glossy literary hypothesis. This e-book isn't superficial hypothesis by means of a dabbler, yet a penetrating examine via essentially the most profound and delicate philosophic minds of our time.

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