Leo Strauss, The Straussians, and the Study of the American Regime

By John A. Murley

"Responding to unstable criticisms usually leveled at Leo Strauss and people he encouraged, the popular members to this quantity show the profound impact that Strauss and his scholars have exerted on American liberal democracy and modern political concept. by way of stressing the iconic energy of vintage books and via articulating the theoretical and useful flaws of relativism and historicism, the individuals argue that Strauss and the Straussians have pointed out basic crises of modernity and liberal democracy. This booklet emphasizes the huge variety of Strauss's impression, from literary feedback to constitutional inspiration, and it denies the lifestyles of a monolithic Straussian political orthodoxy. either critics and supporters of Strauss' inspiration are integrated. All political theorists attracted to Strauss's awesome impression on political inspiration should want to learn this book."

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