Lost Secrets of the Gods: The Latest Evidence and Revelations On Ancient Astronauts, Precursor Cultures, and Secret Societies

By Thomas G. Brophy, Laird Scranton

Are there 10,000-year-old mystery societies that also exist today?
Was there a race of giants that when inhabited the Americas?
Did historic Egypt and old China have heretofore undiscovered ties?

Lost secrets and techniques of the Gods delves into those historic mysteries and lots of extra in articles by means of the various world's such a lot intrepid and an expert researchers. The previous paradigms of background are being significantly reworked as we find extra facts of little-known cultures and what they achieved.

Many historical cultures spoke and wrote of tourists that gave them wisdom and assisted in shaping their societies. Who have been they, and the place did they arrive from?

We now understand that many historic cultures had complicated wisdom of technology, agriculture, and astronomy, just some of which has been rediscovered within the final a hundred years.

Were The Iliad and The Odyssey relatively approximately an epic fight in pre-Celtic Europe? What occurred to the Persian military that perfectly disappeared from Egypt 2,500 years in the past? Did the ancients understand how to create psychic safeguard canines to guard sacred sites?

There is far extra to historical past than what has formally been recorded.

Lost secrets and techniques of the Gods unearths startling truths and asks attention-grabbing questions conventional historians have lengthy missed.

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Whether it is no longer re-born, then, during time, it additionally dies; it's not immortal however it can reside lengthy after the dying of the actual physique. 20 a stunning carved stone pillar, colloquially often called a stone “totem pole,” used to be came across at Göbekli Tepe. From most sensible to backside, it exhibits the heads and palms of 3 figures, that are gradually smaller operating down the sculpture (reminiscent of Russian dolls, matryoshkas, nested one inside of another). The heads and faces of the 2 uppermost figures are broken and obscured; the uppermost head turns out to have the ears and eyes of a beast, probably a bear—or is it a human donning a endure pelt? The 3rd determine is obvious, and this 3rd determine is outwardly protecting anything in his/her palms, which vaguely feels like a pot or bowl yet could be a head, maybe symbolic of a lady giving beginning. certainly, the whole sculpture could be interpreted as representing one new release giving upward push to the subsequent new release giving upward push to the subsequent generation—a lineage of ancestors and descendants. one other characteristic of the sculpture is 2 snakes, one on both sides of the pillar, bobbing up from the bottom of the sculpture. Snakes, who shed their skins and therefore renew themselves, are frequently used to represent everlasting lifestyles. may well this historical sculpture, came across on the attainable headquarters of a mystery society courting again greater than 10,000 years, illustrate Gurdjieff’s nice ideas of goal artwork and the improvement, or “crystallization,” of the psyche, the soul? this idea of crystallization, of integrating the soul parts, is a subject matter came across between various later historic and indigenous traditions around the globe, together with shamanic traditions and the traditional Egyptian thought of diverse psychic our bodies or elements of the human that has to be stored jointly with the intention to be certain a endured life past the actual earthly life. 21 Gurdjieff used to be very transparent that his teachings didn't originate with him. He insisted “that the rules and techniques of labor for self-creation [which Gurdjieff himself undefined] have been identified in old Babylon,” and many of the equipment Gurdjieff taught to accomplish the internal paintings have been derived “from diversified resources starting from Abyssinia [Ethiopia] to the a ways East. ”22 Early in his lifestyles, Gurdjieff turned confident “that there quite used to be ‘a definite anything’ which individuals previously knew, yet that now this data was once particularly forgotten. ”23 Gurdjieff’s father got here from a Greek kinfolk that had settled in Turkey after which moved to Georgia; accordingly his father moved to Armenia the place he married an Armenian, and his son, G. I. Gurdjieff, was once born. Gurdjieff’s father used to be an ashokh (bard) who, utilising prodigious feats of reminiscence, carried at the culture of reciting tales and poems that were handed down orally via innumerable generations. whilst nonetheless a tender boy, within the late-19th century, Gurdjieff heard his father recite the Epic of Gilgamesh, together with the element about the tale of an excellent flood.

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