New Age Bible Versions: An Exhaustive Documentation of the Message, Men & Manuscripts Moving Mankind to the Antichrist's One World Religion

This ebook is the results of an exhaustive six 12 months collation of latest bible types, their underlying Greek manuscripts, versions, and editors. It objectively and methodically records the hidden alliance among new models and the recent Age Movement's One international faith. The rising 'new' Christianity - with its substitution of riches for righteousness, a crown for a go, and an imitation for a brand new construction - is proven to be a right away results of the wording in new types. Documented are the millions of phrases, verses, and doctrines wherein new models will arrange the apostate church buildings of those final days to just accept the faith of the Antichrist - even his mark, photograph, and Lucifer worship. The Greek manuscripts, serious variations, lexicons and dictionaries at the back of the recent models are tested, revealing their occult origins, contents, and but unreleased fabric - a blueprint for the Antichrist's One global faith and executive. awarded is also the most recent learn proving the licensed King James model represents not just Christianity's earliest and most generally used Greek textual content, yet is the simplest model to learn in keeping with laptop research dependent formulation from the Flesch-Kincaid study enterprise. every one web page opens a door exposing new edition editors - in contract with Luciferians, occultists, and New Age philosophy - in psychological associations, seance parlors, legal cells, and court docket rooms for heresy trials - and such a lot surprising of all - denying that salvation is thru religion in Jesus Christ. 5 have misplaced their skill to talk.

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22 This ebook will rfile intimately 1000's of latest Age philosophies that have received access into the church through the hot models. just like the pinhole within the ozone which over the past a hundred years has stretched right into a vast puncture, the slit within the "bottomless pit," which allowed liberalism to leak into the Revised model of 1881, has now develop into a streaming spout, spreading mysticism out throughout the New foreign model and New American normal model. the recent types provide an image of the widening apostasy. and prefer a photographic adverse, it's a dim view. while held as much as the sunshine of God's notice, it really is basically discem capable that they're images o f the arriving One global faith. Line through line the face of Jesus Christ and Christianity has been replaced— first to a sketch and at last to the face of Antichrist. W chicken the image is absolutely constructed, a last variation 'New Revised overseas model' may be the end result of a innovative plan defined in darkish secrets and techniques o f the hot Age. Its writer unearths: 1. devil acknowledges bible is required to manage the hundreds. the improvement of a brand new Age Bible is between his best priorities. 2. the recent Age has pledged to enhance an international Bible [which], . . will confirm the 'truths' to be present in Hindu, 16 • NEW AGE models Buddhist, Sufi Moslem and different japanese Mystical religions. three. the hot Age Bible may be the unholy vessel into which the Antichrist will pour those doctrines of devils. it's going to comprise the key doctrines of the [One international] faith. four. The devious process that appears paying off for the recent Age is that of revising or updating the Bible to make it extra 'meaningful to modem times'. it's going to now not be essential to degree an immediate frontal assault on Christianity. The Bible of the Christians and Jews would definitely be revised and 'objectionable passages. . . might be got rid of. five. The church will all be unified in doctrine and ritual... Antichrist will grab global political and monetary energy . . . determine a One global faith and One international Govemment. 23 The strain to alter the bible to comply to this One international faith is conceded via 'insiders' on re-creation initiatives. convinced phrases have amassed theological value over the years and to alter them can be to alter doctrine. . . Do the alterations in that means come from new proof or just new theology. 24 Lewis Foster, NIV and NKJV Committees [T]he query of fine or undesirable translation isn't any longer a linguistic one yet a doctrinal one. 25 John Kohlenberger The N. I. V. Concordance The plumb line for heresy and orthodoxy is given by way of cult professional Bob Larson who says: the fundamental fault of cults is they demote God, devalue Christ, deify guy, deny sin and denigrate scripture. 26 THE MANDATE: INFILTRATE • 17 these 5 heresies summarize my findings relating to new models. This leads me to direct the reader to heed Josh McDowell's caution in figuring out the Cults. watch out for any crew or person that alterations crucial doctrine. 27 Gordon Lewis, Christian apologist and cult specialist, notes that the hot Age 'word video game' "makes the bible advise what its writers emphatically hostile .

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