Phoenix: The Fall & Rise of Video Games

By Leonard Herman

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ISBN: 096438485X
EAN: 9780964384859
ASIN: 096438485X
Publisher: Rolenta Press
Publication Date: 2001-07
Number of Pages: 388
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Phoenix: the autumn & upward thrust of Videogames is a booklet written via Leonard Herman and initially released in December 1994 by means of Rolenta Press. on the time of its booklet, Phoenix used to be the 1st accomplished e-book concerning the historical past of videogames

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Author Name: Leonard Herman

Author Description: Herman, "The online game Scholar", fell in love with videogames the 1st time he performed Pong at a neighborhood bowling alley in 1972. He begun amassing videogames in 1979 after he bought his first Atari VCS after which started writing his first e-book on videogames: ABC To The VCS, which wouldn't be released until eventually 1996. A programmer and technical author by way of exchange, Mr. Herman based Rolenta Press in 1994 to submit his booklet, Phoenix: the autumn & upward thrust of Videogames, the 1st critical publication on videogame heritage. In 2008, online game Informer named Phoenix the #2 booklet on videogames in all time. The identify has been referred because the "Bible of the videogame industry".

Mr. Herman has written videogame-related articles for digital Gaming per month, Videogaming Illustrated, legit US Playstation, video games, part, Pocket video games, vintage Gamer journal, Manci video games, online game Collector, and Gamespot, in addition to modifying game dealer magazine.

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