Risalah Al Wilayah

By Allamah Muhammad Husain Tabatabai - XKP

Risalah Al Wilayah - A treatise on Islamic Mysticism and non secular Wayfaring

An first-class compilation by way of Brother Muhammad Raza Dawoodani - (raza.dawoodani@gmail.com)



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The variations are within the means they're interpreted, and the differences are within the belief of the perceivers. Wayfaring in the direction of Him Almighty can also be the results of knowing and information, and alterations and divisions come from transformations in wisdom and figuring out. through my soul, this factor is particularly transparent and obtrusive, and we've got already pointed out that individuals are divided into assorted teams, and each staff is aware in line with the extent it really is on and acts in keeping with that point. [First staff: the common humans] If have been to consider that one of many universal humans whose hope is that this international and its allurements is going to sleep and thinks approximately how he can deal with his gains tomorrow, how he can purchase and promote, the place he may still pass the following day and whom he'll see. while he wakes up his basically situation will be to regulate his day-by-day affairs and enhancing his state of affairs during this global. If he used to be to listen to a caller to Allah who introduced excellent news and warned of the undesirable, preaching forgiveness from Allah, His contentment and a heaven choked with consistent benefits, who warned of a hellfire within which its gasoline will be humans and stones and every thing else Allah has ready for the oppressors. yet due to this person’s loss of curiosity and him making his basically predicament that which fills him up and quenches him, he'll no longer locate any time to delve into the symptoms of Allah and His phrases. He basically believes in that which he ordinarily hears and he merely does reliable deeds which don't intrude with what he seeks during this international. the realm for this individual is the first main issue and faith is secondary, and hence the activities, sayings, deeds and information of this individual all contradict one another. you will see him say: Allah is the All-hearer, the All-seer, yet he commits the entire fallacious issues and leaves out the entire compulsory deeds. you notice him believing that Allah is the Ruler and that to Him is the go back, yet he submits and worships each ruler except Allah and rushes in the direction of each devil that invitations him to blazing punishment while he sees the slightest embellishment of this global. He wouldn't comprehend whether he have been to learn for he sees not anything except our bodies and fabrics, now not realizing that there are issues past those illusionary issues. He believes that Allah has a Throne and the legislation for His construction emanate from it, and that the serving angels within the heavens and earth deal with it, and it really is His Sovereignty. humans of reasoning between His production are His servants whereas they're of their actual our bodies, and He has assigned them duties and so they have loose selection during this global. Allah then takes the lifetime of humans and obliterates them once they had existed. Then an afternoon will are available in this international whilst it will likely be in ruins and Allah will revive His production in it. he'll assemble them for the Day of Judgment and may gift the righteous with heaven and all that's in it, with the exception of the wishes of the self that have been just for the worldly, and he'll punish the oppressors with hell and what's in it, within which there's not anything except blazing fires and evil.

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