Self Building An Islamic Guide for Spiritual Migration Towards God

By Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini - XKP

The e-book offers a close description of specified deeds as according to shaped by way of God's such a lot dedicated honest servants in the course of their lives, the self- restraint and asceticism practiced through them in the course of those worships, and the non secular purification completed via them. of their non secular migration in the direction of God-Almighty the extra they endeavored to enhance ahead the extra closer they reached to God's Countenance (Laqa).




Published through: Ansariyan Publishers

Qum, Iran Translated by means of Sayyid Hussein Alamdar

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70, p-76. 21. four. Fourth situation –Overeating one of many major hindrances of how for God's Remembrance and invocation is over- consuming and being a slave of the abdominal. anyone who strives day and evening to rearrange reliable and scrumptious nutrients and fills his abdominal with different types of tasty meals, how may perhaps this type of individual may have union with God-Almighty, advance affection, and determine mystery communications with Him? With a belly packed with foodstuff how may well one can have a temper for worshipping and supplication? a few one that considers excitement easily in consuming and ingesting, while might flavor the beauty of supplication with God-Almighty? the reason is, of those concerns that overeating has been condemned in Islam. Imam al-Sadiq (A) acknowledged to Abu-Basir. “Stomach transgresses lower than the impression of over-eating. the main nearest scenario among the God-Almighty and his servant is -when the tummy is empty and the worst state of affairs is -when his abdominal is complete. ” -Wasail al-Shi’a, vol. sixteen, p-405. Imam al-Sadiq additionally stated: “God-Almighty considers over consuming as anything indecent. " -Wasail al-Shi’a, vol. sixteen, p-407. The Holy Prophet (S) had stated: "Don't delight in over-eating since it could quench the sunshine of religion inside your hearts. ” -al-Mustadrak, vol. three, p-81. Imam al-Sadiq (A) had acknowledged in a narration: "For the center of a believer there's not anything worst than over-eating, since it will reason hard-heartedness and seduction, whereas starvation occurs to be the main scrumptious disk for a believer's soul and middle, and overall healthiness for his physique. " -al-Mustadarak, vol. three, p-80. The Commander of the devoted Imam Ali (A) has stated: “When God-Almighty intends to reform the believer's affair, He bestows upon him 3 benefits: much less sleep, much less urge for food, and no more speech. ” -al-Mustadarak, vol. three p-81. He additionally acknowledged: “Hunger is the easiest aid for controlling self and breaking apart power conduct. ” -al-Mustadarak, vol. three p-81. there's a culture narrated via Imam' Ali (A) that at the evening of Ascent (Mairaj), God-Almighty stated to the Holy Prophet (S): "Oh Ahmad! How candy and lovely are the starvation, silence, and seclusion? 'Oh God! what's the benefit of starvation? ' requested the Holy Prophet (S). 'Wisdom, heart's tranquility, nearness to Me, non-stop grief, righteous talks, thriftiness, and in distinction on the time of ease and hardships, are the features obtained by means of My servant because of starvation, silence, and seclusion. ’ answered the God-Almighty. " -al-Mustadrak, vol. three p-82. in fact, a wayfarer like folks for last alive and to have the necessary power for worship calls for nutrition, yet he could be cautious to devour nutrition simply to satisfy his physically requisites and may keep away from over-eating strictly. simply because, over-eating reasons indigestion, lethargy and melancholy in the direction of worship, tough heartedness, and negligence from God's Remembrance. to the contrary moderation in consuming and starvation lead to one's feeling lively and zealous for worship and a spotlight in the direction of God- Almighty.

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