Sepher Sapphires: A Treatise on Gematria - 'The Magical Language' - Volume 2

By Wade Coleman

A sophisticated reference e-book of Kabbalistic Gematria, directory Hebrew numerological and mystical meanings for each quantity from 1 to 1,000. A "must have" reference ebook for each critical pupil of the Western secret culture.

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The Zohar (123A) says from Isaac's beginning to the time of his being sure have been hence the true lifetime of Sarah, as indicated within the expression "and the lifetime of Sarah was once (TIT), the note 'lWl having the numerical worth of 37". The backyard of Pomegranates offers 12 trials at the Tree of existence with a pendant Malkuth in Assiah. 3x12 + 1 = 37. [see nice paintings Lesson 131 111. Thirty-seven is the sum of the squares of one and six, or 1 plus 36, in order that its easy numeral homes are a mixture of the powers of one, or Kether, with these of 6, or Tiphareth. IV. "The overall numeration of the Sephiroth of the center Pillar, together with Daath, is 37, which represents team spirit itself in its balanced trinitarian manifestation [ I l l divided through 31. 37 is usually the be aware three 7 five , which means the 'flame', 'head', or 'point', which resumes the doctrine of the top (in Daath) because the aspect of entry to the universe of natural Negation. additionally, 37 is the variety of this means that 'Non', 'Neque', Wondum', 'Absque', 'Nemo', 'Nihil'; no longer, neither, no longer but, with out, none, not anything. " [Grant, 1994, p. forty six. 1 ~5 V. The harmony itself in its balanced trinitarian manifestation. [Crowley, 1977, p. xxv]. 7723 the burden. the distinction. gravitation. The mass or strength operating energy focused on the heart. The rolled-up scroll or see-idea of the excessive Priestess, targeted within the Primal Will initially of a cycle of the Life-power's selfexpression. see 237. ;SPrr Yekhidah. i'm, The ideally suited Self, the just one, the only, the indivisible. The cosmic SELF seated in Kether and linked to the Hermit, "He who stands by myself. " Yekhidah is the n could be learn because the yes article "the. " fifty three is Cosmic emblems, because the sunlight emblems or Christos is the trademarks of our approach of planets revolving round the sunlight. Yekhidah is the ideal Head of the common approach special by way of the time period Rashith Ha-Galgalim, "Head (or starting) of the Whirlings". , "not" an identical in desiring to ~ five the metathesis of five N , El, power. refers back to the fact that each one issues are transitory expressions of the power ( five s ) that's not-anything. fifty three is the Aramaic observe for "hearts", and initially intended "courage or energy. " it's also a contraction of 573, grasp or Lord. hence 537 will be learn because the (8)No-thing, the Lord, whose power is the guts or center of all issues ( five three ) . additionally fifty three is 32 in order that eight% should be learn as "The 32," pertaining to the whole manifestation of the 32 paths of knowledge. Yekhidah (Hindu Ishvara) the excellent Ruler, the single id, the Self is some degree of expression for a dynamic power, some extent in which that power passes continuously. Yekhidah is the female type of T, which means solidarity . the female shape exhibits that even if the i'm is one and on my own, it's also the receptacle or car e)10 TN, The unlimited mild. see 149 for (Lt), 620, 1 1 I . five% could, actual energy. from a root that means "to twist. " occasionally used as a noun to designate the human physique as being rolled jointly. In 2 Kings 24:15: "And he over excited Jehoichin to Babylon, and the King's mom, and the King's better halves, and his officials, and the robust of the land, these he carried into captivity from Jerusalem to Babylon.

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