Stupid to the Last Drop: How Alberta Is Bringing Environmental Armageddon to Canada (And Doesn't Seem to Care)

By William Marsden

A bestselling investigative journalist takes a journey of the Alberta oil and fuel undefined, revealing how Canada’s richest province is squandering our probability for a sustainable future.

In its determined look for oil and gasoline riches, Alberta is destroying itself. because the global teeters at the fringe of catastrophic weather switch, Alberta plunges forward with out of control improvement of its fossil fuels, levelling its northern Boreal wooded area to get on the oil sands, and carpet-bombing its southern part with tens of hundreds of thousands of fuel wells. In so doing, it's operating out of water, destroying its diversity land, wiping out its forests and flora and fauna and spewing large quantities of greenhouse gases into the ambience, including to worldwide warming at a cost that's unrivalled in Canada or nearly at any place else on the earth. It’s digging, drilling and blasting its strategy to oblivion, changing into the last word image of Canada’s – and the world’s – pathological will to self-destruct.

Nowhere has the realm obvious such giant environmental destruction as is being wreaked on Alberta. At one aspect the province even went as far as to think about a scientist’s suggestion of nuking its underbelly to get on the tar sands. Stupid to the final Drop seems on the more and more violent geopolitical forces which are amassing because the world’s fuel and oil dwindle and the Age of Oil starts its inevitable slide in the direction of oblivion. As Canadians expend their strength reserves, promoting them off to american citizens at bargain-basement costs, no proposal is given to conservation or the long term wishes of the nation.

In this strong polemic, William Marsden trips around the middle of a province seized by means of the damaging forces of greed, energy and the power company, and envisions a truly bleak future.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Each miner is aware that coal includes plenty of methane. The extra you drill a coal seam, the extra methane is published. It’s why coal miners are perpetually prone to blowing themselves up. Miners often simply vent the fuel into the ambience. yet with excessive fuel costs, the methane has turn into necessary. Methane actually clings to tiny pores within the coal via absorption. Like charcoal inserts in footwear, coal absorbs every thing. The coal formations need to be fractured to unfastened the gasoline and create pathways for it to shuttle to the borehole. to do that, businesses drill into the coal seam, perforate the metal bore casing with small explosive fees, after which pressure-pump a recipe of “fracturing fluids,” during the holes to strength open or “fracture” the coal seams. In shallow coal seams the fractures are likely to unfold horizontally. In deeper seams, they're extra verticle. round Rosebud, the coal seams are regularly dry, what they name subsaturated, which means they comprise very little water. also they are shallow, approximately one hundred twenty to 500 metres lower than the outside. The seams are slender horizontal formations frequently not more than a metre to 3 metres thick. They include layered and stacked small oblong cubes separated via tiny fissures or cleats. The fracturing primarily shakes up the coal seam like a field of sugar cubes. whilst the coal cubes settle again they by no means settle into their unique positions, because of this the cracks are wider and the methane can get away. The good bore obviously reduces the strain within the seam inflicting the methane to unlock from the coal. The gasoline then travels up the good bore, relocating from a excessive strain to a reduce strain region. The fluids pumped in to strength open the coal seams differ from good to good. The content material of the fracing (pronounced “fracking”) recipe is generally proprietary and never disclosed to the general public or to regulatory firms. it could actually include any variety of mixtures of gear together with nitrogen, water, hydrochloric acids, chemical solvents and diesel gas. many of the chemical compounds and drinks are pumped out back, yet necessarily a few remain at the back of. Fracing businesses also will pump in a propant to assist retain the cracks open. usually this can be sand or a plastic bead replacement, either one of that are permeable permitting the fuel to flee. to make sure the sand reveals its means into the entire cracks, it's lubricated with oil. The coal seams round Rosebud are so dry that coal dirt or “fines,” that are created within the drilling and fracing method, could be a challenge. The dirt can clog up the pathways and gradual or maybe cease creation. businesses use chemical brokers to bust the clogs and maintain the pathways open. back, the content material of those brokers is proprietary and the firms aren't required to reveal it. In Jessica’s neck of the woods, businesses like EnCana declare they use purely pressurized nitrogen to frac the coals. “I don’t be aware of the entire details of the applied sciences which are applied,” EnCana spokesperson Alan Boras acknowledged. “Some of them are proprietary. however the intensity and separation and mangagement of the good bore is designed to avoid interactions among the place the good water will be and the place we might search fuel out of the coal seams.

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