The A to Z of Plant Names: A Quick Reference Guide to 4000 Garden Plants

By Allen J. Coombes

Botanical names may be baffling to even the main skilled gardener. yet a plant's botanical identify is greater than only a convenient label—it can inform a plant's kingdom of foundation, the form of its leaves, the colour of its petals, and lots more and plenty extra.

The A to Z of Plant Names clears the confusion and permits each gardener to call vegetation with self assurance. This finished but convenient consultant gains the botanic names of the crops that gardeners fairly develop. additional info contains urged pronunciation, the typical identify, the derivation of the clinical identify, the variety of species presently authorized, the kind of plant and the distribution.

The A to Z of Plant Names is helping demystify names, offers readers with the fascinating heritage details to naming conventions, and empowers gardeners all over to consider convinced approximately naming plants.

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SW Canada, W united states. ceanothus, Carmel Ceanothus griseus. deerbrush C. integerrimus feltleaf C. arboreus. element Reyes C. gloriosus. redstem C. sanguineus. Santa Barbara C. impressus cedar Cedrus. Atlas C. atlantica. Chilean Austrocedrus chilensis. Cyprian Cedrus brevifolia. incense Calocedrus decurrens. jap Cryptomeria japonica. pencil Juniperus virginiana. western purple Thuja plicata. white Chamaecyparis thyoides cedar of Goa Cupressus lusitanica cedar of Lebanon Cedrus libani Cedrela sinensis A. Juss. = Toona sinensis Cedrus Trew (Pinaceae). seed-roos. Cedars. Gk. /Lat. identify. four spp. conifers. N Africa, SW Asia, Himal. atlantica (Endl. ) Carr. at-lan-ti-kuh. Atlas cedar. Lat. of the Atlas Mts. N Africa. Glauca staff. glaw-kuh. Lat. bluish white (the foliage). brevifolia (Hook. f. ) A. Henry. bre-vi-foh-lee-uh. Cyprian cedar. Lat. short-leaved. Cyprus. deodara (Roxb. ) G. Don. dee-oh-dah-ruh. Deodar. The Indian identify. W Himal. libani A. wealthy. li-bah-nee. Cedar of Lebanon. Lat. of Lebanon (Lat. Libanus). SW Asia. celandine, larger Chelidonium majus. lesser Ficaria verna Celastrus L. (Celastraceae). sel-as-troos. 30 spp. climbers. N Am. , E Asia, Africa, Australia. orbiculatus Thunb. or-bik-ew-lah-toos. Oriental bittersweet. Lat. orbicular (the leaves). E Asia. scandens L. skan-duhnz. American bittersweet. Lat. mountaineering. N Am. celeriac Apium graveolens var. rapaceum celery Apium graveolens Celosia L. (Amaranthaceae). sel-oh-zee-uh. 60 spp. , herbs, shrubs. Trop. Am. , Africa, Asia. argentea L. ar-jen-tee-uh. Lat. silvery (the flowers). India. Cristata team. kris-tah-tuh. Cockscomb. Lat. crested (the inflorescence). Plumosa team. plue-moh-suh. Plume flower. Lat. feathery (the inflorescence). Spicata crew. spi-kah-tuh. Lat. in spikes (the flowers). Celtica F. M. Vázquez & Barkworth (Poaceae). kelt-i-kuh. Lat. of the Celts (in the Iberian peninsula). 1 sp. , grass. SW Eur. , N Africa. gigantea (Link) F. M. Vázquez & Barkworth. jie-gan-tee-uh. Lat. very huge. Celtis L. (Cannabaceae). kel-tis. Hackberry, nettle tree. Gk. identify of a tree with suitable for eating fruit. 60 spp. , timber, shrubs. N temp. regs. , tropics. australis L. os-trah-lis. Mediterranean hackberry. Lat. southern. S Eur. , N Africa, W Asia. laevigata Willd. lee-vi-gah-tuh. Southern hackberrry, sugarberry. Lat. gentle (the leaves). E and C united states, NE Mex. occidentalis L. ok-si-den-tah-lis. universal hackberry. Lat. western. E and C united states, S Canada. reticulata Torr. re-tik-ew-lah-tuh. Netleaf hackberry. Lat. net-veined (the leaves). SW united states, N Mex. sinensis Pers. sin-en-sis. chinese language hack-berry. Lat. of China. China, Taiwan, Japan. Centaurea L. (Asteraceae). sen-tor-ree-uh. Knapweed. After the centaurs of Gk. delusion. , that are acknowledged to have came across its med. houses. 650 spp. herbs. common, normally Medit. , SW Asia. americana Nutt. uh-me-ri-kah-nuh. Basket flower. Of the USA. united states. atropurpurea Waldst. & package. at-rohpur-pew-ree-uh. Lat. darkish pink (the flowers). SE Eur. bella Trautv. bel-uh. Lat. attractive. Caucasus. cyanus L. sie-an-oos. Cornflower. Gk. blue, additionally a early life in Gk. delusion. , acknowledged to be changed into one. SE Eur. , W Asia. dealbata Willd. dee-al-bah-tuh. Lat. deepwhite (the leaf undersides).

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