The Advanced Race Codex: Dwarves (D&D, 3.5, d20)

By Robert J. Schwalb, Jesse Decker

Elves a section uninteresting? Dwarves drained? people bland? Halflings now not any fun?

What you wish are the complex Race Codex PDFs from eco-friendly Ronin Publishing. those e-books improve and extend your techniques, bringing new tips, skills, and instruments to make personality races greater than only a number of ability bonuses and talents. Drawn from some of the best of eco-friendly Ronin's Races of Renown sequence, the complicated Race Codex sequence compiles and revises your whole favourite races.

The first fascinating PDF liberate from the complex Race Codex is Dwarves, which revises and 3.5 updates the easiest fabric from eco-friendly Ronin's critically-acclaimed Hammer & Helm sourcebook. Loaded with feats, spells, status sessions, subraces, and lots more and plenty extra, your third period video games are sure to move into overdrive. within, you'll find:

* dwarf subraces: the eldoran (arcane dwarves) and isen (arctic dwarves).
* dozen feats, corresponding to earth harmonics and mystic endurance.
* 5 status periods, together with the acolyte of the Crystal direction and the mountain's fury devotee.
* Dozens of spells, from acid shape to will of the body.

Advanced Race Codex: Dwarves has simply what you want to upload new intensity to this myth staple.

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Ice Armor: achieve deflection bonus and fire resistance. Conj Boulder: Boulder strikes via battlefield to knock creatures providers, deal 1d6+5 bludgeoning harm. Trans Brightvision: Doubles normal darkvision and permits sight in colour. Detonation Bolts: Exploding bolts deal 1d6 fire harm with contact assault. Mire: Stone and earth entangle foes. 3rd-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells Div strive against knowledge: +2 perception bonus to AC and on Reflex saves. Evoc Acid Burst: 1d6 damage/level in a 20-ft. -radius burst. Trans Deepsight: expand darkvision by means of 60 toes. 4th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spells physique and brain: upload Con modifier plus Wis modifier to Will saves, upload Wis modifier to melee harm rolls. Conj Stone Sanctuary: You create a brief hole stone look after. Div Stonesight: you spot via stone and grime. Evoc Bornhaln’s Shockwave: bargains 1d6 damage/2 degrees and bull rushes all in a 10-ft. -radius burst. Trans Acid FormM: achieve immunity to acid, deal 1d6 acid harm with a slightly assault. 4th-Level Paladin Spells 5th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spell Armor of the guts: upload Con bonus to AC. withstand harm: achieve harm relief equivalent to Con modifier. Conj Shredding SpheresM: flying spheres of spinning blades assault foes. 2nd-Level Paladin Spell Steadfast Blow: upload Con modifier to melee harm rolls. 3rd-Level Paladin Spell New Ranger Spells 1st-Level Ranger Spells 22 New Sorcerer/Wizard Spells Stone odor: masks your smell whereas involved with the floor. Stonebrow: achieve +10 bonus on disguise tests opposed to a stone heritage. Tunnel: You achieve a burrow velocity via dust. 6th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spell Evoc Shard RainM: Rain of razor-sharp crystals offers 1d6 damage/level in zone. 8th-Level Sorcerer/Wizard Spell Trans Timeslip: swap consequence of 1 motion by means of rerolling anybody die. Spells are awarded in alphabetical order aside from these whose names commence with “greater”, “lesser”, or “mass. ” Acid Burst Evocation [Acid] point: Druid four, sorcerer/wizard three elements: V, S, M Casting Time: 1 average motion diversity: 20 toes. quarter: 20-ft. -radius burst based on you period: on the spot Saving Throw: Reflex part Spell Resistance: sure Your apparatus is subsumed into your new shape throughout the spell and offers no benefits to you. items you decide up whereas reworked take 1d6 issues of acid harm each one around. you'll no longer forged spells whereas in acid shape. fabric part: A flask of acid costing 10 gp. Armor of strength Conjuration (Creation) [Force] point: Cleric four parts: V, S, DF Casting Time: 1 normal motion variety: contact objective: One swimsuit of armor touched length: 1 hour/level (D) Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless) Spell Resistance: definite (harmless) Acid sprays outward out of your physique, showering all creatures within the quarter and working 1d6 issues of acid harm in step with caster point (maximum 10d6). The acid burst additionally bargains harm to things within the zone. It scars the surfaces of partitions and will mar or spoil unattended goods (at the GM’s discretion). If the wear and tear brought on to an interposing barrier destroys the barrier, the burst may proceed past the barrier if the spell’s zone allows.

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