The Complete 2-Day Fasting Diet: Delicious. Easy to Make. 140 New Low-Calorie Recipes: From the Bestselling Author of the 5:2 Bikini Diet

By Jacqueline Whitehart

From bestselling nutrition writer Jacqueline Whitehart comes the one recipe ebook you'll ever want in your 2-Day Diet.

With the 2-Day vitamin you'll drop some weight quick, and with those deliciously uncomplicated recipes, adapted to fit your way of life all year long, slicing your energy couldn't be easier.

The 2-Day nutrition -- in a different way referred to as 'intermittent fasting' or the '5:2 Diet' -- has revolutionised the world's method of reducing weight. not just do dieters shed fats with striking pace, they event great future health and mental advantages too, which come with decrease hazards of diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's in addition to better power degrees and an elevated skill to concentrate.

Now this definitive cookbook, with a hundred and forty conscientiously crafted, nutritious recipes to your quick days, grants the liberty to paintings the vitamin round your way of life and flavor all 12 months around. It hasn't ever been more uncomplicated to drop extra pounds and be healthy.

All of those mouthwatering recipes include below four hundred energy and are adapted to the seasons. not will you be gazing an unappetizing salad or egg-white omelette: you'll be feasting on courgette "pizza" bites, poultry tikka masala and darkish chocolate soufflé. With this publication, fasting won't ever believe a chore!

INCLUDES: meal plans for each season, a hundred and forty nutritionally demonstrated recipes, calorie counter, motivational the right way to maintain you heading in the right direction, broad record of kitchen-cupboard necessities.

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Five zero Sake 134 zero. five five zero Sherry, dry 116 zero. 2 1. four zero White wine sixty six zero. 1 zero. 6 zero beverages (Non-alcoholic) Elderflower cordial (Bottlegreen) 29 zero 7 zero Orange juice, unsweetened 36 zero. five eight. eight zero. 1 Tomato juice 14 zero. eight three zero+ Eggs uncooked, white 36 nine Tr Tr uncooked, complete 151 12. five Tr eleven. 2 Flour and Baking Cocoa powder 312 18. five eleven. five 21. 7 Cornflour 354 zero. 6 ninety two zero. 7 White breadmaking flour 341 eleven. five seventy five. three 1. four White, undeniable flour 341 nine. four seventy seven. 7 1. three White self-raising flour 330 eight. nine seventy five. 6 1. 2 Wholemeal self-raising flour 310 12. 7 sixty three. nine 2. 2 Yeast, dried 169 35. 6 three. five 1. five Fruit Apples, cooking, peeled 35 zero. three eight. nine zero. 1 Apples, consuming, uncooked forty seven zero. four eleven. eight zero. 1 Apricots, dried 188 four. eight forty three. four zero. 7 Bananas, peeled ninety five 1. 2 23. 2 zero. three Blackberries 25 zero. nine five. 1 zero. 2 Cherries forty eight zero. nine eleven. five zero. 1 Clementines, peeled 37 zero. nine eight. 7 zero. 1 Coconut, desiccated 604 five. 6 6. four sixty two Cranberries, dried 325 zero. 1 seventy seven. five zero. three Dates 124 1. five 31. three zero. 1 Figs, dried 227 three. 6 fifty two. nine 1. 6 Gooseberries forty zero. 7 nine. 2 zero. three Grapes, black/white, seedless 60 zero. four 15. four zero. 1 Kiwi end result forty nine 1. 1 10. 6 zero. five Lemons (whole) 19 1 three. 2 zero. three Lime juice nine zero. four 1. 6 zero. 1 Mangoes, peeled fifty seven zero. 7 14. 1 zero. 2 Oranges, peeled 37 1. 1 eight. five zero. 1 Peaches, flesh and epidermis 33 1 7. 6 zero. 1 Pears forty zero. three 10 zero. 1 Pineapples, canned in juice forty seven zero. three 12. 2 Tr Plums 36 zero. 6 eight. eight zero. 1 Raisins 272 2. 1 sixty nine. three zero. four Raspberries, clean 25 1. four four. 6 zero. three Strawberries 27 zero. eight 6 zero. 1 Sultanas 275 2. 7 sixty nine. four zero. four Herbs and Spices Basil, clean forty three. 1 five. 1 zero. eight Cayenne pepper, floor 318 12 31. 7 17. three Chives, clean 23 2. eight 1. 7 zero. 6 Cinnamon, floor 247 three. nine eighty one 1 Coriander, clean 20 2. four 1. eight zero. 6 Ginger, flooring 284 7. four 60 three. three Mint, clean forty three three. eight five. three zero. 7 Paprika powder 289 14. eight 34. nine thirteen Parsley, clean 34 three 27 1. three Tarragon, clean forty nine three. four 6. three 1. 1 Jams, Marmalades and candy Spreads Apricot jam 244 zero. four 60. 6 zero Blackcurrant jam 244 zero. four 60. 6 zero Honey 288 zero. four seventy six. four zero Lemon curd 282 zero. 6 sixty two. 7 four. nine Marmalade 261 zero. 1 sixty nine. five zero Peanut butter, crunchy 606 24 15 50 Peanut butter, tender 607 22. eight thirteen. 1 fifty one. eight Raspberry jam 244 zero. five 60. four zero. 1 Strawberry jam 244 zero. four 60. 6 zero bird bird breast, skinned and boned 148 32 zero 2. 2 poultry breast, skinned and boned, stir-fried 161 29. 7 zero four. 6 fowl, gentle and darkish meat, roasted 177 27. three zero 7. five Duck, meat in basic terms, roasted 195 25. three zero 10. four Turkey mince, stewed 176 28. 6 zero 6. eight Turkey breast fillet, grilled a hundred and fifty five 33 zero 1. 7 Fish and Seafood Anchovy fillets, canned in oil and tired 191 25. 2 zero 10 Cod, uncooked eighty 18. three zero zero. 7 Crab meat, white, canned seventy seven 18. 1 zero+ zero. five Fish hands, grilled 214 15. 1 19. three nine Haddock fillets, uncooked eighty one 19 zero zero. 6 Hake, uncooked ninety two 18 zero 2.

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