The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: How a Stone-Age Comet Changed the Course of World Culture

Newly stumbled on medical facts validating the legends and myths of old floods, fires, and climate extremes

• offers new clinical proof revealing the reason for the top of the final ice age and the cycles of geological occasions and species extinctions that followed

• Connects actual information to the dramatic earth alterations acknowledged in oral traditions around the globe

• Describes the upcoming possibility from a continual cycle of catastrophes and extinctions

There are a few confusing mysteries within the background of Earth that experience but to be satisfactorily defined through mainstream technological know-how: the extinction of the dinosaurs, the vanishing of historic Indian tribes, the formation of the mysterious Carolina Bays, the disappearance of the mammoths, the surprising finishing of the final Ice Age, and the reason for large underwater landslides that despatched vast tsunamis racing around the oceans millennia in the past. Eyewitness bills of those occasions are chronicled in wealthy oral traditions passed down via generations of local peoples. The authors’ fresh medical discoveries hyperlink a majority of these occasions to a unmarried cause.

In The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes Richard Firestone, Allen West, and Simon Warwick-Smith current new medical facts a couple of sequence of prehistoric cosmic occasions that explains why the final Ice Age ended so unexpectedly. Their findings validate the ever-present legends and myths of floods, fires, and climate extremes handed down by means of our ancestors and convey how those mythical occasions relate to one another. Their findings additionally aid the concept we're coming into a thousand-year cycle of accelerating hazard and doubtless a brand new cycle of extinctions.

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A relax came visiting me as i attempted to understand the approximately incomprehensible strength which may reason any such factor to ensue inside the sort of little while. Vance persevered, "We chanced on round the water gap 1000s of huge footprints remarkably good preserved within the sandy soil" (see fig. three. 5). The black mat had conformed completely to every footprint, filling and conserving it for millennia. He defined, "When the team rigorously lifted off the black mat with dental selections, the footprints seemed simply as though the mammoths had walked through just a couple of days ahead of. " as an alternative, 13 millennia had handed. "We knew the water got here up very gently," he further, "otherwise it's going to have washed away the prints. " MAMMOTH below THE BLACK MAT forty three Fig. three. five. the path of immense footprints leads right down to the water gap the place gigantic Eloise was once ambushed. resource: Dr. C. Vance Haynes Jr. , collage used by means of of Arizona; permission ICE AGE sit back in response to Vance, on the time of huge Eloise's dying, the weather used to be poised to take a catastrophic flip. She have been alive in the course of a time we name the BollingrAllerod, a surprising hot interval from approximately 1 four , four zero zero to one three , zero zero zero years in the past while the Ice Age looked to be finishing and the weather warmed up world wide. The ice was once in retreat, the Earth used to be blossoming, and animals and crops have been starting to proliferate all over the place. occasions have been sturdy. Then unexpectedly, 1 three , zero zero zero years in the past, as though a few huge freezer swap have been flipped, the sour chilly by surprise back to just about glacial degrees. Scientists name this strange and confusing time the more youthful Dryas, at the beginning of which the entire immense animals disappeared. Did the sour chilly kill them off, because the relax idea indicates? whereas that could be attainable, scientists now understand that these animals have been via many related serious weather alterations long ago, and but they'd survived; this one wouldn't have been any assorted. There needs to be extra to the tale than simply the weather swap. within the San Pedro Valley, Vance stumbled on that the weather turned significantly wetter besides, no longer with flash floods like these Arizona has at the present time, yet with very lengthy, widespread, soaking rains that fell for might be days at a time, leaving lakes, ponds, and rainy meadows all around the sector. inside days after enormous Eloise died, water degrees rose, overlaying her skeleton thoroughly. in keeping with Vance, thick mats of algae started to choke those lakes and ponds, forming a floating blue-green scum at the surfaces, and because the algae died, 44 the quest they sank to the ground, forming the thick black mat that buried enormous Eloise and the Clovis campsites. As I seemed from the financial institution right down to the place that they had stumbled on the skeleton, the intense area of expertise of the Murray Springs website struck me. i used to be peering via a time window on the bones of massive Eloise. That scene spanned not more than a couple of weeks in historical heritage, while a huge disaster virtually immediately burnt up hundreds of thousands of animals, and probably hundreds of thousands of Paleo-Indians besides.

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