The Great Work of the Flesh: Sexual Magic East and West

By Sarane Alexandrian

An inside of examine intercourse magic in jap and Western secret traditions

• info the intercourse magic practices of P. B. Randolph, Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Julius Evola, and Maria de Naglowska

• contains a whole assessment of affection magic within the heart a while, with debts of using potions, powders, spells, and enchantments

• Explores intercourse magic ideas of the East, together with Taoist sexual alchemy

Magic, virtually in its entirety, is hooked up to sexuality. it's during the common magic of affection that intercourse magic operates, harnessing the forces that subscribe to fanatics jointly. during this broad examine of intercourse magic within the japanese and Western secret traditions, Sarane Alexandrian explains how there's a intercourse magic hooked up with each faith, non secular trust process, and initiatory society.

Exploring sexual practices in people magic, excessive magic, alchemy, and faith, the writer starts with a whole assessment of affection magic within the heart a while, together with debts of using potions, powders, spells, and enchantments, and he finds how those innovations on the topic of the spiritual practices of the time. He introduces the Taoist sexual alchemy practices of Mantak Chia, the key tantric practices of the Tibetan bons, sexual shiatsu, and a Vietnamese perform referred to as “mouth moxa.”

Examining the sacred sexuality that arose in Western initiatory orders within the overdue nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Alexandrian info the advance of P. B. Randolph’s white sexual magic and the black sexual magic of Aleister Crowley, in addition to explaining the practices of Austin Osman Spare, Julius Evola and the Ur crew, and Maria de Naglowska. He unearths the medical rules underlying intercourse magic and the way profitable effects are assured through the impacts of the heavenly our bodies and the radiant powers of colour, quantity, scents, and actual pursuits, which accentuate the job of the human bioelectric box. Alexandrian additionally info the tantra practices of Margot Anand, the sexual rituals of Wicca, and magical “sex aids,” together with talismans and jewels.

Providing entire useful details, the writer explains how, via intercourse magic, a pair can extract from one another what they're lacking in terms of virility and femininity, multiplying their energies tenfold and merging the carnal and non secular worlds to event transcendent adventures within the private depths of fact.

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