The Last Hope (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, Book 6)

By Erin Hunter

The top of the celebrities attracts close to. 3 needs to turn into 4 to conflict the darkness that lasts endlessly. . . .

After numerous moons of treachery, Tigerstar's darkish woodland apprentices are able to lay siege upon the warrior Clans. As Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionblaze arrange to steer their Clanmates into conflict, they wait for the arriving of the mysterious fourth warrior who's prophesied to aid lead the Clans to glory.

The darkest hour the Clans have ever confronted has dawned. Hopes may be shattered and heroes will upward thrust because the warriors struggle for his or her very survival.

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Jayfeather darted over. “What’s occurring? ” “Firestar says i must inform them concerning the prophecy,” Lionblaze growled. “I’ll include you. ” Jayfeather fell in beside him. “Get Hollyleaf,” Lionblaze meowed. “She’s a part of this. ” “She’s no longer a part of the prophecy,” Jayfeather reminded him. “She’s our littermate,” Lionblaze insisted. “She is familiar with up to we do. ” As Jayfeather headed again around the clearing, Lionblaze ducked during the tunnel. He snorted as Leafpool’s tail trailed over his muzzle. by the point he emerged, thorns scraping his pelt, Brambleclaw was once sitting within the shallow dip past the camp front. His tail was once tucked over his paws whereas Squirrelflight paced solemnly beside him. Leafpool settled a fox-length away. “What’s the problem? ” Hollyleaf’s mew sounded from the tunnel. She driven her approach out, blinking in shock while she observed the cats accrued outdoors the camp. Jayfeather crept out after her and nudged her ahead. “We’re going to inform them in regards to the prophecy. ” “Now? ” Her ear twitched. convinced, now. Lionblaze gripped the earth, lifeless leaves crackling underneath his claws. “A very long time in the past, Firestar was once given a prophecy,” he started. “He used to be advised that 3 kits will be born with the facility of the celebs of their paws. ” Brambleclaw stiffened. “You 3? ” His gaze flitted from Lionblaze to Jayfeather and Hollyleaf. “Not me,” Hollyleaf corrected him fast. Jayfeather moved towards his sister. “Though we inspiration she was once one of many 3 first and foremost. ” Squirrelflight leaned ahead. “Who’s the 3rd cat? ” “Dovewing. ” Lionblaze pressed on. “We are destined to avoid wasting the Clans from the darkish wooded area. ” Anger flared in Brambleclaw’s eyes. “Why didn’t you inform me? used to be it simply because I’m no longer your precise father? ” He glared at Squirrelflight. “Did you recognize? Is that why you lied approximately them being your kits? ” Squirrelflight subsidized away, eyes widening. “No! ” Lionblaze walked among the 2 warriors. “None of you knew. ” He glanced at Leafpool. “Only Firestar and us. ” Jayfeather took a breakthrough. “We needed to satisfy our future on our personal. ” “But lets have helped you. ” Leafpool’s eyes clouded. “You didn’t need to hold this burden on my own. ” Lionblaze growled at her. “We wouldn’t have needed to hold it in any respect in case you hadn’t damaged your code! ” As damage flashed throughout Leafpool’s gaze, Squirrelflight darted in entrance of her sister. She glared at Lionblaze. “Would you really have by no means been born? ” she snapped. “Who may have stored us from the darkish woodland then? ” “We haven’t kept you yet,” Jayfeather muttered. “But you are going to. ” Leafpool padded previous Squirrelflight. Her gaze cleared. “You have been born to save lots of the Clans. ” Brambleclaw’s tail flicked angrily. “Did there must be such a lot of lies? ” He used to be gazing Squirrelflight. “Couldn’t you might have instructed me the reality? ” Squirrelflight dipped her head. “It was once by no means my mystery to inform. Leafpool had loads to lose. ” “She misplaced every thing anyway,” Brambleclaw tangled up. “No, I didn’t. ” Leafpool lifted her muzzle. “I watched my kits develop into fantastic warriors, and that i nonetheless serve my extended family with all my middle.

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