The Lost Civilization of Lemuria: The Rise and Fall of the World's Oldest Culture

By Frank Joseph

A compelling new portrait of the misplaced realm of Lemuria, the unique motherland of humanity

• comprises the main huge and up to date archaeological examine on Lemuria

• unearths a misplaced, old know-how in a few respects extra complex than glossy science

• offers proof that the perennial philosophies have their starting place in Lemurian culture

Before the Indonesian tsunami or typhoon Katrina’s destruction of latest Orleans, there has been the destruction of Lemuria. Oral culture in Polynesia recounts the tale of a best state that was once carried to the ground of the ocean through a potent “warrior wave”--a tsunami. This misplaced realm has been brought up in different different indigenous traditions, spanning the globe from Australia to Asia to the coasts of either South and North the US. It used to be often called Lemuria or Mu, an enormous realm of islands and archipelagoes that after sprawled around the Pacific Ocean. hoping on 10 years of analysis and large shuttle, Frank Joseph bargains a compelling photograph of this mother­land of humanity, which he indicates was once the unique backyard of Eden.

Using contemporary deep-sea archaeological unearths, enigmatic glyphs and emblems, and historic documents shared by way of cultures divided by way of nice distances that record the tale of this sunken international, Joseph painstakingly re-creates an image of this civilization during which humans lived in infrequent concord and possessed a worldly expertise that allowed them to harness the elements, defy gravity, and behavior genetic investigations a ways past what's attainable this day. while catastrophe struck Lemuria, the survivors made their method to different elements of the area, incorporating their clinical and mystical abilities into the prevailing cultures of Asia, Polynesia, and the Americas. Totem poles of the Pacific Northwest, structure in China, the gigantic stone statues on Easter Island, or even the perennial philosophies all exhibit their kinship to this now-vanished civilization.

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3 times extra they attempted to set up themselves alongside the east coast—at the summit of internet Mountain, Nankopworemen, and U, the place the meant is still of those failed makes an attempt are nonetheless mentioned by way of neighborhood courses. yet each one situation failed a few predetermined requirement. ultimately, after a cautious seek, the precise website used to be discovered at Sounahleng, a reef at Temwen Island, upon which Olisihpa and Olsohpa equipped Nan Madol through a “flying dragon. ” After it minimize in the course of the coral, dredging the canals, the dual sorcerers levitated the ponderous basalt logs in the course of the air, piling them to an outstanding top, and outfitted them smartly into position. The paintings took just a unmarried day to accomplish. Thereafter, Nan Madol turned a sacred urban and office, from which the brothers introduced executive and social order to Pohnpei. They governed jointly for a few years, until eventually Olisihpa died of outdated age, and Olsohpa assumed sole energy because the first Saudeleur, or lord of Deleur, an early identify for the island. He married an area lady, from whom he sired twelve generations of Saudeleurs, who endured to rule correctly and peacefully till the arriving of the ancestors of the fashionable Pohnpeians. They have been led by means of a warrior leader from the south, Isokelekel, who killed Saudemwohl, the final of the Saudeleurs. His was once a simple victory, as the lords of Deleur by no means involved themselves with army affairs. Isokelekel’s line persisted during the centuries into the fashionable period, regardless of years of profession by way of overseas powers, until eventually presently prior to Pohnpei turned first half after which capital of the self sufficient Federated States of Micronesia, in 1984. Samuel Hadley was once the final Nahnmwarki to imagine the identify, in 1986. anything of this mythic model of Nan Madol’s origins got here to gentle in the course of 1928, while eastern archaeologists excavated human skeletal is still close to numerous prehistoric websites on Pohnpei. whereas the bones numbered just a couple of dozen items and have been incomplete and in terrible situation, adequate survived to teach that they belonged to humans in contrast to the indigenous islanders. Their historical predecessors have been a ways taller and extra strong. Discovery of those anomalous skeletal fragments used to be supported through surviving proof. the boys of Pohnpei nonetheless make and use one of those throwing spear they declare as an inheritance from the Saudeleurs of in the past. whereas Polynesians and different Micronesians ordinarily hire spears 5 to seven toes lengthy, the Pohnpei spear is a different twelve toes, suggesting the tall descendants of Olisihpa and Olsohpa. They have been stated to have flown the stones that went into the development of Nan Madol in the course of the air. Remarkably, this similar clarification is located in different elements of the realm a ways faraway from the western Pacific to account for the lifestyles of equally historical megalithic wonders. the main well-known instance is Britain’s Stonehenge, the place legend had Merlin floating its fifty-ton saracen stones into place. If those experiences of levitation, extensively separated in distance and time through notably various peoples on contrary aspects of the realm, don't signify a few universally shared human reaction to the survival of another way inexplicable ruins, then they are the people reminiscence of a misplaced know-how.

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