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Unlike such a lot occult teaches, E.E. Rehmus does not mince phrases. He defines them. His Magician's Dictionary choices up the place all different occult reference works depart off -- on the sunrise of the apocalypse.

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HORUS — As god of the emerging solar, he's the Egyptian model of the Greek god, Apollo. (Ra is the noon-day sunlight. ) His misplaced eye in avenging Seth’s homicide of his brother, Osiris, is the emblem of his sacrifice. (The solar is perpetually self-sacrificing. ) As Seth imprisons us, Horus liberates us. HOUDINI — the yankee degree illusionist (1874 -1926). it truly is usually believed that Houdini’s pact along with his spouse, that, if attainable, he might age, was once by no means fulfille failure to obtain Houdini’s message is often provided as facts that every one spiritualism is bunk. in accordance with Dr. Clifford Wilson, The Alien schedule (Signet, 1988), one Rev. Arthur Ford was once the medium of a spirit referred to as “Fletcher,” who did express a message to Mrs. Houdini in spite of everything. She stated it as being in a code recognized in simple terms to her and to her husband. homes OF MERCURY — (Domarum Mercurii. ) a sequence of sigils offered by way of Crowley, distinct from the “Prisons of the Qliphoth. ” for the reason that for Crowley the Atus of Tahuti are the “Houses of Thoth,” which make up the normal deck of Tarot, and the Carcerum Qliphoth are the “dark tarot” — then the homes of Mercury may well recommend a mysterious 3rd deck of the Tarot. (A better point, possibly? ) even if, it’s essential to do not forget that Thoth is just the Mercury of Egypt, hence the domarum mercurii are not anything greater than the Latin similar of the “Houses of Thoth. ” The sigils so depicted, for that reason, include an extra and intensely priceless key to the Tarot, which so far as i will be able to inform, has been neglected. (See TUNNELS OF SET. ) HU — Deity personifying authoritarian utterances (therefore, occasionally indicates the Sphinx). within the Egyptian faith Hu refers particularly to the god Thoth, in his point because the “Tongue of Ptah and Ra. ” HUBAL—The previous God of Mecca. HUBBARD, L. RON — founding father of Scientology. possibly his most dear and demanding instructing was once that we will be able to extinguish issues by way of focusing our realization upon them. That derives from the recognized mental proven fact that once we make issues input ourselves they turn into unreal. simply because “things” are our international, no longer the area. HUGIN & MUNIN — Odin’s ravens (“ concept and Memory”) which fly out over the realm each day and file him the scoop each night: “I worry for concept, that he come no longer again, yet I worry but extra for reminiscence. ” they're the perimeters of the brain of the magician because it is propelled into “astral” event. (See ODIN. ) HUMAN SACRIFICE — not anything horrifies civilized society greater than the concept of human sacrifice. purely the main ignorant and illiterate cults perform the key ritual killing of guys or animals within the identify of primitive gods. No start up of any measure of enlightenment may be able to condone this sort of factor, for it violates the whole inspiration of sacrifice, which could in simple terms be self-administered and voluntary. or even self sacrifice needs to serve a sound, transparent objective. It needs to one way or the other greater the realm. In perform, sacrifice is prone to contain the common-or-garden commitment of one’s lifestyles to quiet provider, instead of the extinguishing of one’s existence in a few act of noble heroism.

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