The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy

By Francis Barrett

The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer; being an entire method of Occult Philosophy is a instruction manual of the occult and ceremonial magic compiled through Francis Barrett and released in 1801. This ebook facilitated the fashionable revival of magic by means of making info from in a different way infrequent books available. it will possibly have stimulated novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton and occultist Eliphas Levi. extra controversially, it's been pointed out as a power on Joseph Smith, Jr., founding father of the Latter Day Saint stream, in Reed C. Durham, Jr.'s speech "Is There No aid for the Widow's Son? " replica of 1801 variation.

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1 06 type of the Crystal lighting, Magic Wand, the Tripod, &c. , to entrance the identify of booklet I I . half I \'. A D V E RT I S E M E N T. As an I ntroduction to th e S tu d y of N atural Magic, p rem is e a quick discourse o n th e I nfl u ence of the S tars, N atural M agic in gen e ral , exhibiting how a ways the impacts of the h eave n l y we've got although t healthy to and on our bodies are u sefu l to o u r p u rposes, and l i okay e w i s e to what e x tent t h o s e i n fl u e nces ; rej ec t i ng som e s p e c u l a t io n s ti o n s, as an d a long way as they li i y s p s to the be aware of G o d i n the S c ri p tu r es . have fu l l y s e t cl o w n admitting our purposes for others which S c riptures and rej ecting a few u n derstandi ng of error, and the planetary i n cl i na­ Philosophy : no longer our of sound philosophy, or I n w h i c h discourse we elements of a s trol ogy , and i pl e s, and coinciding with function being to transparent the are fo unded o n sturdy p r nci N atural might adm i t to qu c t io n ary ab makes use of, that appear to us idle, of n o v a d t , or but fo u n ded o n any prin c i le c o r re s po n d i ng the ap p e rt a i n relating we to e n for c e a n y th i ng b u t what appears to be like to be s ubstantiated via nature, fact, and experi m e n t . ebook I . I N TRO- I NTRODUCTI directly to T H E STU DY O F N AT U RA L M AG I C. O F T H E I N F L U E N C E S O F T H E S T A RS. I T has been a subj ect of historic dispute even if the celebrities, a� moment reasons, accomplish that rule and impact guy as to ingraft in his nature yes passions, virtues, propensities, &c. , and this to take root in him on the very severe second of his being born into this vale of distress and wretchedness ; likewise, if their web site and configuration at the moment do shew forth his destiny passions and goals ; and via their revolutions, transits, and directed points, they indicate the actual injuries of the physique, marriage, affliction, preferments, and such like ; the which i've got frequently revolved in my brain for a few years previous, having been perpetually everywhere a hot recommend for stellary divination or astrology : for that reason during this position it truly is hugely helpful that we study how a ways this impression extends to guy, for the reason that I totally admit that guy is endowed with a free-will from God, which the celebs can in no clever counteract. And as there's in guy the ability and apprehension of all divination, and lovely issues, because we've an entire approach in ourselves, accordingly are we referred to as the mic ro c os m , or little international ; for we supply a heaven 4 INTRODUC TION TO THE examine OF normal MAGIC. a heaven in ourselves from our starting, for God hath sealed in us a twin of himself ;· and of all created beings we're the epitome, for this reason we needs to be cautious, lest we confound and combine something with one other. however, guy, as a trend of the good global, sympathizes with it in accordance with the celebrities, which, agreeably to the Holy S cri p tures, are set for occasions and seasons, and never as reasons of t h i s or that evil, which can pervade ki ngd o ms or inner most fam il i e s, a l th o ugh they do in a few degree foreshew them, but they're i n no clever the reason ; for that reason I conceive in a large various experience to what's gene­ rally understood that " Stars rule males, yet a sensible principles the celebrities :" to which I a n s w er, that the celebrities don't rule males, in accordance with the vulgar and acquired o pi n i o n ; as though the celebs may still fire up males to murders, seditions, broils, lusts, fornications, adulteries, Jrunkenness, &c.

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