The Psalter of Cain

By Cultus Sabbati

The Psalter of Cain contains a sequence of devotional magical works to Cain, holy ancestor of sorcerers. Its magical foci are committed in particular to the Ancestral Manes of the Sabbatic present, the shade-mothers and fathers of the Companie of the clever. traditionally, the determine of Biblical Cain is understood from the context of Italian witchcraft and Romany magic, in addition to esoteric orders of Freemasonry and the Society of the Horseman's note. even if, it truly is from the British witchcraft-lineages of the Cultus Sabbati that Cain has come to trendy occult prominence because the especial consumer of the Witch's artwork, the embodiment of Exile and competition particular in the Elder Craft. In its rarefied embodiment of Crooked course Sorcery - the ever-deviating direction of Bane and Blessing, the facility of Cain arises from his mythic sorts of Transgressor-against-God, First assassin, Wandering Exile, and primary Tamer of the pony, between others.

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1000 are the methods which wend unto the Plot of Cain, enable each one labour till granted the secret. allow each one protect and understand how to the guts: That which slays the Clay inside of you. permit the Vessel of Earth bearing the pink Flame be taken in procession round the circle thrice, then positioned upon the Altar within the North. The pink Earth may possibly now be used to mark the brows, palms, and toes of all initiates. three o n s of the Mark For Seether and Soother, Galdr, Beguiler. For allure and Storm-Calmer, For Hex and Hex grasp. For Black puppy and crimson Fox, For eco-friendly guy and Queen, For the Scyther and Sower ofAll that has been. For the Circle and Cipher, For the Watchers and Whisperers, For Our Silence and Blood-Oath, For the celebrities within the North. A Curse and Blessing For a loss of life and a beginning: A Rune for All Magick To encircle the Earth. Amen! about the three i p s of flim JBorn of Serpent and fPoman Being the Marks of Cain as recognized unto the Witch's artwork X ©f his £xile ©f the jBlood-acre ©f his Wandering and Sojourn Which iporoer is 3mmediated jBj) Which tight 3s Heciened JSu Which the JBeloued is cherished ©f ©ominion BB Which the Bead are known as forth zero (g> # %\it 3cocn M i r a t i o n s unto ^xile et the practitioner be ready by myself and in humility sooner than the land of his residing. in the sacred plot selected for this devotion, abide in quiet contemplation with the array ofritualobjects set prior to thee: a reflect that matches certainly within the palm of the hand, a stave of hedge-wood from one's place of origin, a small bowl of water, ideally from a holy position, a bone from guy or beast, and a silver coin. allow the prayer start: C forged out am I! solid outfrom the starting place of the area; Cursed by means of the hand that made me Ever to wander the methods of the Land, by myself! position the left hand upon the naked earth prior to thee, and claim: within the pilgrimage of Self-becoming Ijourney to the guts of the clay-born Returning to the purpose: the information of Solitude. position the fitting hand upon thy center and claim: In Exile I flip ever inward unto the Void of Self-knowing: Ijourney past the limits of man-kind's dominion To surround the Nullity of Self. carry the reflect prior to thee, and solid forth the attraction: Who am I, who continues to be ever by myself? Solitude is my merely solace. Who am I, recognized simply by means of the beasts of the hedgeP I stroll the methods of Pilgrimage, As One with the masks of the spirits; I flip the Bloody Circle of the Sacred As One with my very own masks. take in the bone and knock 4 instances upon the earth. The imaginative and prescient set earlier than the attention is the charnelground of the lifeless and burnt: In Pilgrimage I go back to the foundation of Self-becoming; I step in the graveyard of my very own mortality, To wander the lonely roads of death's dominion; And pray over the graves of my ancestors, that they wake up inside me; that I behold inside my very own eye, the cohesion of All. supply the Coin unto the charnel flooring, urgent it into the earth sooner than thee. The tithe therefore exacted, think earlier than thee a coin cast of the very bones of your forebears: This Coin I supply unto my ancestors, My paymentfor the souls for the amazing useless.

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