The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O

By Francis King

Lately there was a notable resurgence of curiosity in what's usually often called the 'Occult'. renowned Sun-sign astrology has turn into an issue for cocktail celebration chatter; the 'Underground Press' diplays a thorough, even if frequently ill-informed, curiosity in such topics as Glastonbury, Ley looking, and alien craft; and books - lots of them owing what little advantage they own to the skillful employment of scissors and paste - on all features of occultism pour from all of the presses...

...Now, ultimately, this quantity makes to be had to the occult pupil not just the symblic-masonic riches of the start up on rituals of the O.T.O. however the mystery magical directions of the Order's sevent, 8, and 9th levels, the complete info of the ideas from which such occultists as Theodor Reuss and Aleister Crowley derived their mystic powers.

Here is a resource e-book that has a spot within the library of each severe pupil of the Occult.

-By Francis King (from the book's dirt jacket)

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W. : No hint of Our Brother. S. : Noble Emir, have you ever sought to the West of the good? E. : i've got. S. : What did you discover? E. : No hint of Our Brother. S. : Then allow us to search him in the good itself. file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Michael... Secret%20Rituals%20of%20the%20O. T. O/p2c4. html (13 of nineteen) [12/28/2001 2:03:21 PM] The mystery Rituals of the O. T. O. (They bring up the coping stone. ) S. : Brethren, the grasp is slain, but his notice lives, for the following, behold is written in his blood, upon the ground of this dry good, ‘An’el Haqq’, that is to assert, ‘I am the Truth’, Noble Emir, have you learnt the note through which guy is raised from dying to lifestyles? E. : I do. S. : Make trial of that observe. (Word of First. ) E. : The note is in useless. (Repeat with W. and be aware of moment. ) E. : Shall not anything undergo however the fact? W. : Will you no longer make trial of the notice of a grasp Magician? S. : it's my will. (W. and E. take C. from good and aid him. ) i'm absolute to Our Brother through Seven Bonds of Brotherhood. My hand gripped his in yes relation. (Point through element performed as stated. ) As of precise brother with precise brother; My foot was once ever enterprise beginning Of our instantly jogging with one another; My knee bent now not in supplication both to him or to a different. file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Michael... Secret%20Rituals%20of%20the%20O. T. O/p2c4. html (14 of nineteen) [12/28/2001 2:03:21 PM] The mystery Rituals of the O. T. O. My physique didn't do him incorrect; My bosom stored his secrets and techniques shut; My mouth spoke forth his fact in music; My arm his warden from his foes. E. : And do those bonds undergo via time? S. : Noble Emir, they do. W. : How so? S. : through advantage of the note of a grasp Magician. the 1st letter is of silence. (Pause. ) the second one is of breath ... Our Brother breathes. The 3rd letter is of going ... Our brother strikes. The fourth letter is of new release. Our brother stands rejoicing. (Word. ) All: He lives within the son. (O. T. O. applause. All go back. ) S. : permit the Candidate be taken from the key position, and restored to his former dresses as a magician; and then i'm going to confer upon him the keys to the treasure of Our Sacred wisdom. file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Michael... Secret%20Rituals%20of%20the%20O. T. O/p2c4. html (15 of nineteen) [12/28/2001 2:03:21 PM] The mystery Rituals of the O. T. O. (Done. ) FOURTH element S. : I now entrust you with the secrets and techniques of this measure. improve to me as a Magician. (Done. ) you'll now take a 3rd step as sooner than, with the left foot; for 3 represents the go back of the 2 to the only, yet after one other demeanour. And herein lieth an excellent secret, past the certainty even of a grasp Magician. it really is during this place that the secrets and techniques of this measure are communicated. They encompass an indication, a Grip and a notice. As within the First measure, the signal was once unmarried, within the moment double, so within the 3rd measure it's triple. FIRST, is the signal of poser. Clenching the palms of the perfect hand, contact with the thumb, the brow, definitely the right breast, the left breast and eventually the throat. this is often in commemoration of the injuries of the traditional grasp, and by means of their place they shape a triangle with some extent within the concentration thereof, called CENTRUM IN TRIGONO CENTRI.

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