The Templars and the Shroud of Christ: A Priceless Relic in the Dawn of the Christian Era and the Men Who Swore to Protect It

By Barbara Frale

The strongest army spiritual order of the center a while and their sacred treasure.

For a undeniable interval in heritage, the Knights Templar—the strongest army spiritual order of the center Ages—secretly guarded the Shroud of Turin. Worshipped in a relentlessly mystery demeanour, and identified in its intimate nature through just a handful of the order’s officers, the swathe of material was once stored within the significant treasury of the Knights Templar, who have been recognized for his or her services within the box of relics. the valuable cloth’s background and whereabouts have been recognized basically to the top dignitaries of the secretive order. In an period of frequent doctrinal confusion in a lot of the Church, the Templars thought of the Shroud to be a strong antidote opposed to the proliferation of heresies.

Easy to learn and carefully researched, this booklet tracks the Templars from their inception as warrior-monks maintaining non secular pilgrims to the later fascination with their mystery rituals and very good wealth, which eventually resulted in their dissolution and the seizing in their resources. Following the Shroud’s pathway in the course of the heart a while, Vatican historian Barbara Frale has long gone again in time, to the sunrise of the Christian period, to supply a brand new point of view at the debatable relic. the writer additionally contains numerous photographs of the Shroud itself that exhibit in startling aspect a human face, mysterious writing, and marks of a crucifixion that many have claimed determine it because the real burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth.

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