The Watkins Dictionary of Magic: Over 3000 Entries on the World of Magical Formulas, Secret Symbols and the Occult

The Dictionary of Magic offers attention-grabbing reasons of all issues magical - together with creatures, rituals, spells and formulation. It comprises entries at the which means of mystery symbols and the symbolism of rites of transformation, offers distinct details at the nature of every kind of mythic beings, and examines the level and context of claims to supernatural powers. The ebook introduces the reader to mystical traditions reminiscent of the Kabbalah, the Tarot, the airtight traditions and Gnosticism, placing them of their geographical and ancient context, in addition to taking a look at their sacred esoteric texts. It gains biographies of best figures within the box, recounts folklore and mythology from around the world, examines situations of unexplained phenomena and masses, even more.

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The meanings linked to Des comprise good judgment, cause, mind and rationality. it's linked to Virgo and Gemini and its magical quantity is 21. Descendant In astrology, the measure of the ecliptic that is surroundings. within the comparable means that the sunlight rises at the japanese horizon, settling on the ascendant, the solar units within the night at the western horizon generating the descendant. the 1st condominium starts off on the ascendant, the 7th condo on the descendant. Descending Arc In Theosophy, the descent of a procession of non secular beings from airy and non secular geographical regions of being in the direction of the actual aircraft of life. additionally Involution. See additionally Ascending Arc. Descension In alchemy, the distillation procedure within which liquid flowed down right into a receiver vessel. Descent into the Underworld in lots of international mythologies, demi-gods and heroes have had the facility to descend into the Underworld, to glimpse the hereafter and go back with sacred wisdom as a way to advisor and encourage humankind. Aeneas used the Golden Bough as his passport to Hades, and Odysseus visited the Underworld so that it will carry discourse with the ghosts of useless heroes. Christ is expounded to have descended into hell for 3 days ahead of “rising from the dead”. equally, in Egyptian mythology, as represented within the Am Tuat, the sun-god Afu-Ra could descend every one evening into the Underworld the twelve dungeons representing – the twelve hours of the evening – and will be reborn with the recent day. desolate tract of Set See Mauve area. wish physique substitute time period for the “astral” or “soul” our bodies of guy. See Astral physique. Despacho In Macumba, a ritual providing – frequently of a sacrificial animal. Dessounin In voodoo, the ritual during which the useless person’s person will and spirit are separated from the physique. future One’s destiny. In Greek mythology, future was once personified as a god past Zeus’s keep watch over, and, including the 3 Fates, dared to oppose his will. harmful Magic See Magic, harmful. Devas In Zoroastrianism, evil genii or malevolent spirits governed by way of Angra Mainyu, the god of darkness. Devekuth within the Jewish mystical culture, the inward kingdom of final hooked up to divine cognizance. satan A demon or evil spirit. See additionally Daemon; Daimon; Demonology. Devil’s Girdle Allegedly worn via witches within the heart a while as a token in their allegiance to the satan. Devil’s Mark In medieval witchcraft, a mark at the physique stated to be an initiation motif given by way of the satan, and which used to be insensitive to discomfort. Inquisitors searched sufferers accused of witchcraft on the way to find this sort of marks and thereby turn out their guilt. The perform of attempting to find the Devil’s mark turned unlawful in England in 1662. Devil’s Pillar 3 stones preserved in Prague, which, in keeping with legend, are the is still of a pillar with which the satan meant to slay a clergyman who had signed a diabolic pact. St Peter forged the satan into the ocean, the priest repented, and the satan broke the pillar in rage. satan, The (1) The personification of evil, also referred to as Lucifer or devil in Christianity, Eblis in Islam, and Ahriman in Zoroastrianism.

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