The Witches' Ointment: The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic

By Thomas Hatsis

An exploration of the ancient origins of the “witches’ ointment” and medieval hallucinogenic drug practices in line with the earliest assets

• information how early smooth theologians demonized psychedelic folks magic into “witches’ ointments”

• stocks dozens of psychoactive formulation and recipes gleaned from infrequent manuscripts from college collections world wide in addition to the practices and magical incantations priceless for his or her education

• Examines the practices of medieval witches like Matteuccia di Francisco, who used hallucinogenic medicines in her love potions and natural arrangements

In the medieval interval arrangements with hallucinogenic herbs have been a part of the perform of veneficium, or poison magic. This selection of magical arts used poisons, herbs, and rituals to bewitch, heal, prophesy, infect, and homicide. within the kind of psyche-magical ointments, poison magic might set off strong hallucinations and surrealistic desires that enabled direct event of the Divine. Smeared at the epidermis, those entheogenic ointments have been stated to let witches to commune with quite a few neighborhood goddesses, bastardized by way of the Church as journeys to the Sabbat--clandestine conferences with devil to profit magic and perform demonic orgies.

Examining trial files and the pharmacopoeia of witches, alchemists, people healers, and heretics of the fifteenth century, Thomas Hatsis information how more than a few rules from folks medicinal drugs to ecclesiastical fears over medication ladies merged to shape the classical “witch” stereotype and what heritage has known as the “witches’ ointment.” He stocks dozens of psychoactive formulation and recipes gleaned from infrequent manuscripts from college collections from worldwide in addition to the practices and magical incantations helpful for his or her practise. He explores the connections among witches’ ointments and spells for form transferring, spirit shuttle, and bewitching magic. He examines the practices of a few Renaissance magicians, who inhaled strong medicines to speak with spirits, and of Italian folk-witches, reminiscent of Matteuccia di Francisco, who used hallucinogenic medicines in her love potions and natural arrangements, and Finicella, who used drug ointments to visualize herself remodeled right into a cat.

Exploring the untold heritage of the witches’ ointment and medieval hallucinogen use, Hatsis finds how the Church reworked folks drug practices, in particular entheogenic ones, into satanic reviews.

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