Theories of Modern Capitalism (Routledge Revivals): Volume 17

First released in 1985, Theories of recent Capitalism provides a succinct research of Marxist and non-Marxist theories of Capitalism, its fresh improvement, and the customers of a transition to socialism.

The research starts off with a serious exam and comparability of 4 significant theories of capitalism, within the works of Marx, Weber, Schumpeter and Hayek. this can be by way of an research of the newest section of capitalism which has been conceptualised by means of Marxists thinkers in numerous methods as 'organised capitalism'', 'state monopoly', or 'late capitalism'. ultimately, Bottomore considers the query of a 'transition to socialism' within the assorted interpretations that have been provided through Marxists on one aspect, and by means of Weber, Schumpeter and Hayek at the other. 

Theories of recent Capitalism might be useful in quite a lot of classes in social and political thought, and also will have an entice a broader readership interested in problems with social and monetary policy.

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